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Everything Eva makes, Eva wears

Eva Scott

Eva Scott, owner of Everything Eva. Photo by Marcus Wright

By Marcus Wright
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Eva Scott had no intention of starting a business when she returned to Detroit, and even less intention of doing so within the first four or five months she was here.

Scott returned to help her sister care for their mother. She had visited Detroit for the birth of her granddaughter and was driving back to Atlanta when she received a call from her sister. “Call mom and see if you notice anything strange,” her sister said.

Scott called. Her mother was acting strange: inarticulate and repeating herself whereas she was normally unambiguous and clear. Scott called her sister and told her to go immediately to their mother’s house. She did and found their mother unconscious.

That was several years ago. Scott has not gone back to Georgia. She remained in Detroit to assist her sister with caring for their mother and along the way established Everything Eva. “I’ve been making jewelry for 25 years and sewing for 40,” Scott said. “My mother and grandmother taught me. They made clothes; I helped and also started designing jewelry.”

Scott said while caring for her mother — she couldn’t leave her side — she crafted jewelry items such as earrings and necklaces. She accumulated a large number of pieces. Her sister told her she should sell them. “I never thought about selling my pieces; never thought anyone would buy them,” Scott said. “But I wasn’t working and my sister was urging me so I called a few people and told them what I was doing.”

Scott said as her mother’s condition improved she began looking for a place where she could sell her items. She said she kept her jewelry in a big bag and took it to events. Then she heard about Russell Bazaar. She made inquiries and was given two months to decide. “It was perfect; mother was still sick, this is on the weekends and I can make arrangements (with sister and daughter to care for their mother and grandmother),” Scott said.

Scott said she only sold jewelry she made when she opened but soon learned some people like custom-made pieces and others like retail items. “I like my business,” Scott said. “That’s why I named it Everything Eva. Everything I sell I would wear myself.”

She said her goal is to open a storefront or get a place in one of the malls. “I want to learn the business end: fashion trends, where to get the hottest stuff,” Scott said.

“I’m doing well here. Most of my customers are repeat customers,” Scott said. “I have faithful, loyal customers. That is why I’m still open.”

Scott said some customers have become her friends. “They want me to do well. They promote my business, even sell items for me,” Scott said. “It is a blessing to have people like that. I didn’t sell anything today but a friend did so for me.”

Scott has had a booth at Russell Bazaar for eight months. She opened last December. She said she would tell anyone thinking about opening a business that nothing happens overnight. “It takes perseverance and patience. Nobody can make your dream come true but you,” Scott said. “The people you meet along the way are willing instruments to help you realize your dream.”

Everything Eva is located at the Russell Bazaar, 1600 Clay St., Suite 419. For more information, e-mail call 601.307.4515 or visit

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