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‘Ex-treasurer Andy Dillon enriches himself off Detroit bankruptcy’

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Andy Dillon                                Conway Mackenzie

Dems renew call for immediate investigation into Treasury Dept. 

LANSING — Michigan Democrats are calling for an independent investigation into the ongoing scandals in the state Treasury Department. This call followed a Feb. 19 report that while being paid a six-figure salary by taxpayers for “consulting,” ex-treasurer Andy Dillon, who was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder, was actually hard at work using his position of influence to secure a job with his buddy’s consulting firm — after helping them land a contract worth nearly $20 million with the city of Detroit.

“It’s the very definition of a conflict of interest,” says Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lon Johnson. “Conflicts of interest, corruption and cronyism are all becoming business as usual at Snyder’s Treasury Department, and that’s why we need an immediate investigation. Dillon used his position of public trust as State Treasurer to line up his next job and feather his own nest with the very firm he was supposed to be monitoring.”

Senator Coleman A. Young II, D-Detroit, echoes calls for an investigation.

Young issued a statement questioning the implications of Dillon’s new job with Conway MacKenzie, a financial consulting firm Dillon helped bring on to handle the City of Detroit’s bankruptcy.

“This latest news raises the obvious question of whether Andy Dillon helped land this lucrative contract for Conway MacKenzie because of his personal relationship with the company’s CEO, because he was angling for a job with the firm down the road, or both,” said Young. “This is yet another reason for an investigation into the Department of Treasury, but this now also raises serious ethical questions about the role Dillon played as Treasurer steering Detroit into bankruptcy in the first place and then awarding a lucrative contract to a company he now works for.”

Johnson added, ”Rick Snyder may think allowing his former treasurer Andy Dillon to use his position of public trust to secure his next job is business as usual, but it’s not the way Michigan does business. This is an outrageous abuse of public trust and demands an immediate investigation.”

When Gov. Snyder announced Dillon was leaving his job as treasurer, he gave no indication that for months, Dillon would be paid a six-figure salary not to work at taxpayer expense, and that his last week on the job would be spent on a Caribbean cruise.

According to the MCM report Dillon began meeting with Conway McKenzie less than a month after he resigned on October 31, all while “Snyder was quietly paying Dillon about $40,000 on a three-month contract to teach the new treasurer the ropes — a task he rarely performed.”

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