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Family of slain 19-year-old calls for arrest, charges of shooter

Funeral program photos  COURTESY IMAGE

Funeral program photos COURTESY IMAGE

Funeral services held

By Donald Barnes
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — The family of Renisha McBride is calling on the media and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to help them bring justice for their daughter’s early death.

The 19-year-old Detroit resident died of a fatal gunshot wound Nov. 2 in Dearborn Heights.

According to the family’s attorney, Gerald Thurswell, McBride had been in a car accident nearly a mile away within Detroit city limits.

Detroit Police arrived at the scene of the crash at 1:40 a.m, because McBride had been absent from the scene. Police deemed it a hit and run. A call to 911 indicated McBride fled the scene; DPD says they investigated for more than an hour with no leads turning up. According to some reports, she was seeking help from nearby residents when she was shot and killed by a man on the porch of his home. McBride’s cell phone battery had expired, and has yet to be found.

The gunman claims he thought McBride was an intruder and alleges his shotgun went off accidentally, according to local reports.Thurswell believes McBride was disoriented from a head injury sustained during the accident. “(The crash) explains her being disoriented, we also understand her cell had died,” Thurswell said, explaining McBride’s behavior during her mile long search for help. DPD was not able to confirm any damage to the car that concurred with his theory.

Early media reports stated McBride struck a parked car while speeding in the residential area of Bramwell and Majestic. According to DPD, a 911 call identified the person driving a Ford Taurus as female. At that time, they did not know it was McBride, and are still not sure.

“We have confidence the Dearborn Heights police chief will do a thorough investigation,” DPD Sgt. Michael Woody told the Michigan Citizen.

McBride’s funeral service was held at the House of Prayer and Praise Church Nov. 8 on the city’s west side. Immediately following the funeral, a family member said to press “(The man who killed McBride) just needs to pay for what he’s done because it was wrong. I have nothing else to say.”

Her family described her as “always smiling and bringing joy to one’s heart.” McBride graduated from in 2012 from Southfield High School.

Family members and Thurswell say they don’t want to rush the legal process. “We want it to be thorough and complete,” Thurswell said. “When you rush things you don’t get all the facts. Kym Worthy does things thoroughly, she waits until she puts everything together.”

Thurswell says the family believes charges will be brought against the gunman.






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