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Family restaurant honors family

Author Fay’s

Sen. Bert Johnson and Author Fay’s co-owner Chef L.A.

By Puakea Olaisha Anderson
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Reggie Reg Davis recently opened a family restaurant in honor of his family — in particular, his deceased aunt who created a healthy diet for herself and her family.

Davis opened Author Fay’s Dec. 20, 2012 with his cousin and co-owner, Chef L.A.

“We believe in serving healthy food to the community,” says Davis, who says he believes that we are what we eat and eating healthier food equates to longevity.

Davis, 42, is a former radio personality on FM98 WJLB.

The co-owners do not consider their food “soul food.”

“We serve turkey chops opposed to pork chops. God said that there were certain foods that we are not supposed to eat and if we continue to eat what we are not supposed to, toxins will fill our body,” says Davis. Diabetes, cysts and cancer are but a few of the side effects to a poor diet, he says.

Located on the east side of Detroit, patrons of the neighborhood restaurant are receptive.

“This is my first time in this restaurant,” says Jessica, 24, of Florida. “My mom said the food was good so I came to get a plate.”

Davis’s partner, Chef L.A., is pleased with the response from the community.

“Happy is the only way to describe how I feel. Just happy,” says Chef L.A.

Davis and Chef L.A. vow to be active in the community and not just serve a healthy meal, but mentor young men at the neighborhood high school, Pershing.

“We want to mentor young men at Pershing High School, which is right up the street. I lost my little brother to gun violence so that is what I will be talking about,” said Davis.

Author Fay’s is located at 19160 Conant St., Detroit. Contact the restaurant at 313.891.9200.


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