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Ferguson Police Chief contradicts earlier statements, prompts more questions

Ferguson Police identifies Darren Wilson as the police officer who fatally shot Missouri teen Michael Brown.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson contradicts earlier statements. COURTESY PHOTO

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ST. LOUIS — In the second press conference today, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson managed to once again incite negative emotions when he addressed the media regarding new developments released regarding the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

“The initial contact between the officer and Mr. Brown was not related to the robbery,” Thomas Jackson, the police chief, said during a news conference Friday afternoon.

His words seem to contradict the information he disseminated at the morning news conference.

At that time Jackson alleged Brown was a robbery suspect and released still images that he claimed were Brown involved in what he called a “strong arm robbery” at an area convenience mart.

The purpose of that news conference was to identify the officer responsible for Brown’s death, which he did while simultaneously implying that the officer acted in response to Brown’s alleged actions against the store clerk.

Jackson stated that the officer who killed Brown, who he identified as Darren Wilson, had been responding to a call when a radio dispatcher reported the robbery as well as the suspect’s description and approximate location.

Wilson then left the call he had been responding to and encountered Brown a short time later, Jackson said Friday morning.

Jackson and the Ferguson police then released the robbery report and footage, saying it was in response to requests from media outlets.

“I sat on it for as long as I could,” Jackson said when questioned about the timing of the release of the video and revealing the identity of the officer.

He didn’t share any more information about the encounter or the fatal shooting of Brown.

“I don’t know. I know his initial contact was not related to the robbery,” Jackson said in response to an inquiry as to whether Wilson was aware of the call about the alleged robbery when he crossed paths with Brown.

Jackson instead said that Brown and his friend were approached by Wilson because they were obstructing traffic by walking in the middle of the street.

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