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Gentrification, assaults on the poor and on women’s rights are hate crimes

Here in “ground zero” Detroit, we are aware discriminatory bullying (Republican classism) is victimizing the majority of U.S. citizens and people of color in particular.  Moreover, a lot of us see that  — short of civil war — the only way we can recover popular control of “the system” and restore some semblance of justice is to peacefully identify and eradicate the cause of our common distress. In Detroit, we call that “speaking truth to power.”

Our mission to do that has been made more difficult because some of our neighbors, both within and surrounding Detroit, have been deliberately misled by mainstream media, which is heavily influenced by revenue from advertisers as well as ownership’s connections.

Opposed to the defensive power, which unions and such traditions as autonomous “home rule” reserve for private citizens, Lansing Republicans and a clique of “business-minded” opportunists who want to exploit Detroit would have us believe the offensively parental, primarily Republican assertion that  we, “the People,” need less political power and more oversight to “emergency manage” our resources and governance.

By limiting their “takeovers” to cities with high percentages of minority citizens, these aggressors have successfully relied on prevailing racist stereotypes and attitudes to make their aggression seem justified. (The realization Caucasian communities can and probably will be taken over the same way has not hit home yet, although people familiar with Hitler and World War II may have a clue.)

So, the idea that the residents of Detroit are inferior and incapable of self-governance is the divide-and-conquer propaganda we’re up against here.

One result of such Republican propaganda (a tool of class warfare, used to promote divisive racism, sexism and elitism) is an apathetic, general acceptance of authorities routinely prioritizing profits over people. The idea that “all’s fair in love and war” seems to have been extended, so we’re now encouraged to believe “all’s fair in business-as-usual!”

More and more judges are buying the excuse “But it was necessary, because we had to make a profit!” New laws are regularly fitted with “loopholes” to allow for increased profits, (balanced by losses to others) as if the widening gap between “the haves” and “the have-nots” were not a serious economic and social problem.

moneyWhile the rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer, statistics show if one is poor and/or not Caucasian, one’s chances of obtaining even-handed justice are disgracefully low, with an ever-increasing likelihood that conviction will result in a sentence to captive labor.

Our society is doomed if this keeps up, if our leaders fail to recognize and declare that class warfare is a hate crime, and forbid/prosecute it as such. And yet, President Obama and the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) apparently deem it wisest to look the other way.

— Carole Kronberg

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