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Get out the vote, Detroit!

Detroit needs to get out and vote, to represent and be counted. President Obama needs a good turnout.

This cycle, our top of the ticket endorsement is to reelect president Obama for a myriad of different reasons, including his support of the Affordable Care Act, which we believe, along with Medicaid, should be expanded. We have reserved opinion in other races except for the Supreme Court, for which we support Judges Shelia Johnson and Connie Marie Kelley and University of Michigan Law professor Bridget Mary McCormack and the proposals. If you are a Detroit resident, you are facing 18 proposal choices Nov. 6. For this reason, the editorial staff made the following endorsements:

State Proposals

  • Proposal 1: Vote NO —Voting no reduces the power of emergency managers authorized by the state to eliminate elected officials and disperse public assets.
  • Proposal 2: Vote YES — Gives workers the constitutional right to organize.
  • Proposal 3: Vote YES — Although supporters of this amendment are cast as extremists, President Bill Clinton’s endorsement goes far in saying this is a moderate proposal. It caps rate increases at 1 percent and can create jobs. This proposal makes it so that electric utilities must provide at least 25 percent of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources — wind, solar, biomass, hydropower — by 2025.
  • Proposal 4: Vote YES — A yes vote would amend the state constitution to establish the Michigan Quality Home Care Council and provide collective bargaining for in-home care workers
  • Proposal 5 : Vote NO — The state legislature must be able to raise taxes without a 2/3 majority. To require this would harm our educational system, infrastructure and other public benefit programs.
  • Proposal 6: Vote YES — Although much debate surrounding this proposal has been about the family that owns the bridge — and we do not believe one family should own a bridge — we do believe the construction of international bridges and tunnels should be the people’s decision. Michigan officials, including Gov. Snyder, have become too comfortable with usurping democratic processes for the sake of expediency.

Wayne County

Many of the proposed changes for Wayne County come from the County Executive Robert Ficano scandal. We resist changes based on one administration — this sets a dangerous precedent. We support those changes that would increase checks and balances and governmental accountability. Therefore, we vote NO on proposals 1, 3 and 4 and YES on proposals 2 and 5.

City of Detroit

We believe Detroiters should adopt the following changes to the charter with a YES vote on C, which permits Corporate Counsel to take action on his/her own initiative and M, which would allow adults 21 and older possession of less than one ounce of marijuana on private property in the city without criminal prosecution.

The Michigan Citizen also supports a YES vote for the Wayne County Community College millage proposal and a NO vote on Proposal S, which would extend the millage for school operations. The Citizen is torn on the S vote but, ultimately, until there is financial transparency and democracy in Detroit Public Schools, continued misspending by the EFM without checks and balances cannot be endorsed.

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