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GO! Smoothies gives health and wellness a boost in downtown Detroit

By Steve Furay

Special to the Michigan Citizen 

Monique Dooley and Monica Samuels of GO! Smoothies STEVE FURAY PHOTO

Monique Dooley and Monica Samuel of GO! Smoothies STEVE FURAY PHOTO

Downtown Detroit has a new destination for freshness. Dishing out delicious and healthy daily servings of fruits and vegetables through the convenience of an oversized straw, GO! Smoothies opened its doors last month for an energizing alternative to the typical midday meal, part of its greater goal of helping the city on its “path toward wellness.”

“We’re a health and wellness company, so we do a number of things, coaching, workshops and so forth,” says Monica Samuel, founding partner of GO! Smoothies. “And then our products are smoothies and the juices.”

GO! Smoothies & Wellness Studio features a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable blends, either as a juice or a thicker smoothie, mixed with natural sweeteners, revitalizing supplements and protein blends to help customers get through their day focused and with energy to spare. It is located at 110 Clifford Street, one block west of Woodward  near Grand Circus Park,

The partners of GO! Smoothies have a diverse and complete wellness background, focusing on nutrition and other aspects of health. Samuel’s background is in clinical health psychology, while Callie Bradford is an integrative holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer. Monique Dooley is a certified health coach who has taught for over nineteen years in Detroit Public Schools.

Dooley explains the goal of the company is “making sure that people realize the whole mind, body spirit connection, really understanding that you have to take care of the whole package,” she says. “We always felt that Detroit really needs it, so our first thrust was to educate and it was the youth and the concerned mom who has a few kids, and corporate professionals trying to figure out what to do, people that need a little bit of direction.

“We’re hoping to really educate the community, because we feel Detroit really needs that. We’re really behind like Chicago, New York and California, we’re behind the big cities as far as wellness and holistic nutrition and that holistic way of living,” says Dooley.

The storefront is conveniently located for professionals working downtown, yet deliberately accessible for residents throughout the city. They offer personalized wellness coaching services, as well corporate wellness coaching for businesses interested in helping their employees achieve optimal productivity throughout their day with the natural energy of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Fresh smoothies daily STEVE FURAY PHOTO

Fresh smoothies daily STEVE FURAY PHOTO

GO! Smoothies also offers a special deal for juice cleansing, a package deal that provides the customer with multiple juices per day for a period of three to seven days, specified to the needs of the customer. The benefits of juice cleansing include weight loss, improved regularity, increased energy and focus, as well as benefits to the immune system.

“Our juice cleanses are really popular,” says Samuel. “We don’t just say ‘ok here’s some juice, go forth and prosper’, but we provide ongoing email support, for the most part they can call us, and then workshops.”

GO! Smoothies & Wellness Studio also provides nutrition workshops, which in the past have included such topics as emotional eating, colon health, reducing sugar cravings and detoxifying the body, or the process of healing your body naturally. Fitness and yoga classes are also being scheduled for the wellness studio, currently including classes on Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m.

For more information about GO! Smoothies, visit, or call 313.782.3009

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