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Graffiti muralist Sintex premieres new work

Sintex poses with the pieces “Child’s Play” (left) and “Shockras.” STEVE FURAY PHOTO

Sintex poses with the pieces “Child’s Play” (left) and “Shockras.”

By Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Art by Detroit’s Sintex can be seen throughout the city, from the vivid portraits of indigenous men and women covering building sides to the fierce strength of Black children warriors fearless among the ruins of their city. Sintex’s spray-painted murals have inspired countless young artists and have brought an urgency of passion to the city’s street art, influencing a new Motor City culture brick by brick.

On June 28, Sintex brought out pieces of his canvas art to Eastern Market for a rare feature show, displaying the vivid characterization of the men and women he replicates with his signature style. The show, titled “Snacks,” was a look at his most recent creations. It provided an opportunity for the public to meet one of Detroit’s most prolific street artists.

“This is just a little preview,” said Sintex, surrounded by friends and family who came out to support. “It’s like Dilla Donuts, you only get like a little taste. Until somebody gives me a grand show where I can preview everything, this will suffice right now.”

Sintex has been recognized by national and international art enthusiasts excited about the creativity of the city’s graffiti muralists. The work shown that evening at 2437 Orleans had all been created within the month, displaying his remarkable ability to quickly capture the emotion of a portrait using nothing more than spray cans.

“A lot of people know me from doing portraits of Native Americans or indigenous people,” he says of his commissioned, and legal, street art. “I try to keep that like a theme of mine, just basically spreading my culture and how I feel in my artwork. So I want to continue doing stuff like that, just try to fill up the blight, there’s a lot more blight in Detroit that needs to be filled up, a lot more empty canvases.

“Hopefully the new projects and people coming into Detroit and investing into the city, (will offer) people like me (the opportunity) to actually show our art form in the grand scheme, and we can be included in a lot of these projects they got for the city.”

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