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Green cleaning store makes Avenue of Fashion sparkle

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By Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Taking extra care of our living environment is important to our overall health and wellness. A new store in the Livernois, “Avenue of Fashion,” District is helping Detroit residents be more conscious by offering safe and non-toxic alternatives to the cleaning products they use on daily basis.

The GreenBliss Lifestyle and Wellness store opened on April 17 at 19437 Livernois, offering products to help consumers live healthier and more sustainably for themselves and future generations.

“When I first started, my dad laughed at me. He said ‘green products, get out of here. You can’t make any money off of that,’” laughs Bliss Cureton, founder of The GreenBliss Group. “I just combined the need with my experience with retail, knowing what people want or need, and what they use on a day-to-day.”

A lifelong Detroit resident of Rosedale Park and Boston-Edison, Cureton took her time turning her passion for the environment and knowledge of retail into the GreenBliss store. She first launched her product website in 2009, taking her time to know the products and test the market before opening the current retail location.

“This concept of a store is over-saturated in L.A., there’s one on every block and corner. But I wanted to bring that here,” says Cureton.

“(Years ago) I was at a party and somebody was talking about global warming,” she recalls of her first engagement with the issue of environmental health. “At the time, the cell phone I had didn’t have the option to Google something real quick, so I couldn’t engage in the conversation. And I really felt stupid. So I went on Amazon, ordered a couple of videos, it became an obsession to do research every day.”

Cureton discovered consumers could make conscious decisions with the products they buy, helping not only to reduce waste in the environment, but also to use less toxic products in their own homes. Many household cleaners are made of powerful various chemicals that, unbeknownst to the user, can cause reactions in the health of the people, such as allergies, breathing issues or even worse.

“I just became passionate about it, expressing it or sharing with other folks,” she says. “It started with that. Especially in the urban community, it’s unfortunate that people have so many other things that they’re concerned with, just surviving day to day, that they’re thinking about, ‘ok, I don’t care what detergent I’m using or what it’s doing to me health-wise.’ Ok that’s why you have asthma and allergy issues and sinus problems and all these other ailments, or reproductive issues, you don’t know.” Overall, Cureton says she  became passionate eliminating indoor toxins.”

Products include kitchen cleaners, laundry detergents and food-grade hydrogen peroxide, which can be used for everything from cleaning vegetables and fruits to personal hygiene, as well as several lifestyle items like solar powered cell phone battery chargers, bamboo furniture and biodegradable drinking cups.

“All this stuff that we use that you don’t pay attention to, it ends back up on your plate, on your body, in your skin. When you break it down like that, you share with people why they should recycle or why they should use non-toxic cleaning products, not just at home but at work too.”

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