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Headwrap Expo offers style, faith and diversity

headwrap expoBy Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen

On June 8, the 2014 Headwrap Expo will be held at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn. It will be a day of fashion, culture and interfaith workshops on style and spirituality. The event is presented by Beautifully Wrapped, an organization celebrating the art of headwrapping, and will be held from 12-7p.m.

“It’s an intercultural, multi-faith event that brings together all these different groups,” says Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, founder of Beautifully Wrapped. “We have the Sikh Indians, we have Muslims, we have Christians, we have Jews, we have African Americans, African immigrants, everybody coming together.

“Once we’re there, we share, we talk about love, we have workshops, we have fashion stylings, fashion shows throughout the day. It’s a whole affair.”

The first Headwrap Expo was held this past November; up to 800 guests are anticipated at this year’s event. Attendees can expect dozens of vendors and educational workshops on a number of topics, including natural hair care, health and wellness and African adornment.

“I think the fashion was really a highlight,” said Naeem about the first Headwrap Expo this past fall. “Our theme is fusion — looking at how different cultural aspects, different things that people wear in different parts of the world are adopted across into other cultures.

Across many religions, covering one’s head with some fashion of wrap or cap is a common practice in expressing one’s spirituality. The Headwrap Expo will help people further understand the connection in an effort to help bring people of faith together.

“Your head is your highest point of your existence; it is the part that has our consciousness,” says Naeem. “So when you cover your head, it is a constant reminder that something is greater than yourself, the Lord is the one you are you to revere. That is the big thing for many spiritual cultures — look at nuns, Rastafarians, Jews, Muslims — all these different spiritual groups have some type of head cover. That’s no accident.”

Tickets are $25 or $20 in advance online. For more information, visit The Ford Community and Performing Arts Center is located at 15801 Michigan Ave, Dearborn.


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