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Highland Park gets a new firehouse


New firehouse

By Donald Barnes
Special to the Michigan Citizen

HIGHLAND PARK — The City of Highland Park held a ribbon cutting ceremony Sept. 20 for its new $2.6 million firehouse.

During the event, the Highland Park Fire Department put on display its two refurbished fire trucks for city officials and citizens.

“For the city of Highland Park, this means the world,” Mayor DeAndre Windom told the Michigan Citizen. “It puts us back into a centrally located place in our city. This has brought the morale up in our department.”

Funded through a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant, the firehouse sits adjacent to the city’s municipal building and old firehouse.

Mayor Windom speaks to public  DONALD BARNES PHOTO

Mayor Windom speaks to public

According to Windom, firefighters were being housed in a nearby warehouse.

“The department is going into a direction of upward mobility,” Windom said, acknowledging the citizens’ appreciation for the new firehouse.

“This brings new life; this is the rebirth of the city of Highland Park.”

Windom credits Highland Park Fire Chief Derek Hillman for writing the grants to receive the funds for the new station. FEMA granted HPFD an additional $19,000 for fire prevention and safety, Mayor Windom said.

According to Windom, without the city’s previous administration there’d be no new fire station.

He says his current administration continued and “carried the torch.”

Windom thanked city council members and the city clerk as addressed Highland Park residents.

“I made a promise to the fire department when I first got elected; they didn’t understand, but they see it now,” Windom said. “I told them that I was going to make them like the New York City Fire Department. It’s people all over the world making comments on Highland Park’s fire department; they have become a global fire department. A lot people respect what they do. These guys are dedicated.”



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