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Holistic Prescriptions hosts fifth Raw Vegan Meal Tasting

Kalia Keith              STEVE FURAY PHOTO

Kalia Keith

By Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” is the famous quote a Detroit woman has taken to heart with her business, Holistic Prescriptions.

By emphasizing the importance of a healthy diet in disease prevention and recovery, the goal of Kalia Keith, a mother, health coach and  the founder of Holistic Prescriptions, is to help influence the community’s understanding of nutrition by bringing healthy, organic foods to those in need, particularly seniors and cancer patients.

“I wanted it to be a name that was catchy, a name that spoke volumes on what it is that I’m serving,” Keith says of her new business. “When you think of something that is holistic, you think of something that’s organic, it’s healthy for you. And when you add prescriptions on the end, versus the regular pills that they’re taking, this is from a healthier standpoint.”

With so much stress in today’s medical industry, including rising costs of treatment, prescriptions and insurance, finding ways to help the body through times of disease and illness is important for everybody, especially senior citizens. Trying new foods and herbs can be an inexpensive alternative that nevertheless requires knowledge and a strong commitment.

“I can speak from my own personal experience with my mother being diagnosed with colon cancer.” Keith told The Michigan Citizen. “(The diagnosis and) taking all that (chemotherapy) … caused her to not want to eat. So they would tell her … to gain weight … to eat anything and     everything to gain weight.” Keith didn’t think overeating junk food was the healthiest decision. “I think that there’s a way that you can gain weight but from a more natural standpoint,” she said.

“I created some soups to help my mother, and looking at what her disease is, and figuring out which vegetables and herbs can work to counteract some of that to get her energy, I created my soups and my foods that way.

On May 3, Holistic Prescriptions will host their 5th Raw Vegan Meal Tasting at the Charles H. Wright Museum, from 3-6 p.m. Adult tickets are $25, 10-18 years of age are $10, and children 9 and under are free. Included with the tickets are a four-course meal with two infused waters and lemon ginger tea, a health forum, complimentary massage therapy and an art display.

“There’s going to be African drumming paying homage to those individuals who have passed away from diseases and cancer, as well as those that still continue to have that fight and trying to get their bodies back in shape through a proper diet,” Keith said.

Keith says the tasting “promises to be a gathering of people that share the same cause, wanting to regulate their health, do a better job of their eating habits and being in a great space. I want folks to walk away feeling as if they definitely had that organic experience, feeling the energy.

“And I definitely welcome youth to come along as well. I feel like if we don’t start with our youth and having them understand the importance of a proper health and diet, then we failed them as a whole,” she says.

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