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‘Hollywood Craig’ nixes reports of unsolved crimes

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DETROIT — Detroit Police Chief James Craig will no longer submit crime summary reports for citizens. The DPD has replaced the reports that detailed unsolved crimes in the city with reports of “Significant Events,” which gives details of solved crimes and apprehended suspects, but do not give residents the who, what, when and where of ongoing criminal activity.

Officer Moreno in the Office of Public Information told the Michigan Citizen the department will no longer provide the general public with crime details.

“You can see the crime reports on,” she said. only provides crime stats but no details.

Many citizens have called to complain to this paper about the absence of the crime summary reports in our weekly issues. They say they like to know what’s happening in their neighborhood.

“As a tax-paying citizen, I am entitled to know,” one caller said.

Some questioned if Craig was filtering what’s happening in the city, stressing the successes rather than the reality: he has not rid the city of crime.

“It’s propaganda,” said another caller.

Craig, who was appointed by Emergency Manger Kevyn Orr in May of last year, was popularly known as “Hollywood Craig” in Cincinnati, where he served before coming to Detroit, for his love of media attention.

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