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I prayed, but God didn’t answer. Yes, he did!

Frankie Darcell

Frankie Darcell

By Frankie Darcell

I get letters all of the time from people who are in distress, feeling like they are at the end of their rope. They feel like all else has failed, then they write me. I received a heartfelt painful letter from a gentleman who wrote that he and his family were in the process of losing their home. Both he and his wife were forced to take a 10 percent wage cut in their salary, which caused a financial hardship for them. He said arguments between he and his wife became more frequent — many were in front of the kids. He started to experience headaches and sleepless nights. He then asked for my assistance to help him financially. He apologized for having to ask me for help and said, “I’ve prayed and prayed but God has not answered my prayer. I want to save my home.”

I sent him all of the information that I had on financial institutions that could help with foreclosures and financial assistance. However, I offered him an opportunity to “think about his situation differently.” He said in his letter to me that “I prayed but God had not answered my prayer.” Well, maybe he did. You see, we sometimes look at our situations and ask God to provide direction, peace and closure to what’s going on and he provides an answer but we don’t see it because it’s not the answer we wanted. In this case I wrote to the gentleman that maybe God is answering — “just not the one you wanted to hear.”

“If you and your wife are at odds and fighting in front of the kids, your health is now at risk, and your money is not what it used to be. Maybe God is saying it’s time for you to change, maybe get a home that now reflects your current financial situation, so you’re not at odds, so that your children are not stressed, so that the goal is to be a happy family.”

Don’t ask God for direction then blame him when you believe it’s not the answer you wanted.

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