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I told you so: White supremacy surges in Michigan state government

By Shields Green

Editor’s note: This opinion was originally printed in the Michigan Citizen in February 2011.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder, State Treasurer Andy Dillon and the Republican legislators are ratcheting up for a white supremacist* takeover of Detroit from its people and elected officials as has already been done with the Detroit Public Schools.

They are aggravating the law, empowering an emergency manager to act as an un-elected dictator, seizing all  powers of the mayor and city council, who are chosen by the people of Detroit, attacking city workers’ wages and benefits and taking control of all city assets. We can expect  they will dispose of the assets to further enrich suburban and out-state rich people.

This state action is the culmination of many years of out-state takeovers of majority Black Detroit by majority white populations out-state. The DPS takeovers by Governors John Engler and Jennifer Granholm were preceded by the abolition of Recorder’s Court, the abolition of city residency requirements for city workers, snatching of Cobo Hall, and federal court takeover of the water department. The majority of white Michiganders also passed a Constitutional Amendment outlawing affirmative action.

The latest colonialist, white supremacist action is done under the phony claim that Detroit is fiscally irresponsible.

This comes from a state that is more than a billion dollars into fiscal irresponsibility; a state that used a huge swathe of federal stimulus money to cover-up its own “fiscal irresponsibility,” all the while with its White Supremacist Tea Partiers denouncing President Obama, who is Black, for providing said stimulus money.

Can you belieive it? In other words, out of one side of the Republicans’ mouth, they won the mid-term election by attacking President Obama and on the other side of their mouths. Instead of providing some of the money for impoverished Detroit, they use the $7.8 billion in Stimulus money from Obama to hide their own bankruptcy and then turnaround and move to steal Detroit’s public wealth to enrich their sectors.

The state has reneged on a deal between Engler and former mayor Dennis Archer to pay Detroit more than $200 million (which would balance Detroit’s deficit) while restricting Detroit from raising its income taxes. Thus, the state is forcing the city into an alleged “fiscal irresponsibility” as a shell game to seize the city’s wealth and power.

Both Michigan and Detroit are in difficult fiscal straits, not because of the failings of government, but the failings of private business, finance and industry which have caused Michigan to fall into a one-state depression and Detroit into a 30-year depression.

The People United will not be defeated. Fight the Powers that be!

*I use “white supremacist” rather than “racist” because the white supremacists have reversed the meaning of the venerable 60s rhetorical term “racist” in the public dialogue to use it mainly to slander Black people as “racist” or “reverse racist.” Hopefully, “white supremacist” will be more difficult to twist.


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