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It takes courage to live

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Jovan Belcher

Jovan Belcher and wife with child

Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend multiple times. Not just once, but a bunch of times. That’s cold-blooded murder. And why? The media won’t speculate, yet they did put out that the two argued after his girlfriend returned home late from a concert. Whatever the reason, in his mind, she did or said something that hurt his feelings. She definitely didn’t hurt him physically. The dude’s a hard-hitting starting linebacker in the NFL. The man’s a coward, no two ways about it.

He left his 3-month-old daughter without a mother or a father — for the rest of her life. How selfish is that? Then he goes to his place of business to thank his employers for giving him a chance to get paid to play football. Then he kills himself. This is a cowardly act and here’s why:

It takes courage to live. It’s easy to pull a trigger, that’s why so many cowards do it. Stick a gun out a car window and shoot up a street. Pull out a gun and pull the trigger at the least little bit of an argument. Pull a trigger because someone has something you like. Or pull a trigger multiple times because someone said or did something that hurt your feelings. Only cowards do stuff like that and that’s what Belcher did.

It takes courage to live. Courage to face the consequences of your actions. Courage to go to work for little pay day after day to pay bills that never end. Courage to raise children in a society that looks nothing like it did when you were a kid. Belcher didn’t even have the courage to stay around for his own child. How cowardly is that?

Belcher was part of an elite group in professional sports. Handsomely paid with all the perks of a wealthy man. A young 20-something plying his trade in his chosen career. And he chooses murder to settle an argument with his girlfriend. He didn’t commiserate with his buddies over a beer. He didn’t walk away to think about it. He didn’t choose to break up and seek another girlfriend. He chose to pull a trigger. Am I the only one who feels this way?

I felt outraged when the Chiefs showed Belcher’s highlights on their big screen before the game. I was amazed how Belcher’s uniform and equipment was on display in the locker room. The players and coaches all told of the family atmosphere they had and will miss their teammate. WHAT? He shot a girl multiple times just hours before the game. This is domestic violence at its most prominent and people should wake up. Women and children are being killed and beaten every single day and Belcher is being given sympathy for doing the exact same thing. Star players belong in the Hall of Fame. Killers belong in the Hall of Shame. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Ivory D. Williams


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