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Jayru Campbell charged

Jayru Campbell

                              Jayru Campbell        DPS PHOTO

Faces felony, misdemeanor assault charges

DETROIT — Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced Feb. 11 two charges against high school football player Jayru Campbell. Campbell, a 17-year-old student at Cass Technical High School faces one felony charge of assault to do great bodily harm and one misdemeanor of aggravated assault for allegedly body slamming a security guard on school premises.

“Any defendant will have been charged accordingly,” Worthy said. “Being a talented football player does not change these facts.”

The star quarterback led his team to back-to-back state championships in 2011 and 2012, in his freshman and sophomore years. He committed in August of last year to play for Michigan State University as a freshman in 2015.

A spokesperson for the MSU athletic department stated she could not comment on a recruit or potential recruit.

“It’s NCAA regulation that we are unable to make any comments until they sign a letter of intent,” she told the Michigan Citizen. “For that particular student that wouldn’t be until February 2015.”

At this time, Campbell has not turned himself in, according to Worthy.

Should the prosecution prove Campbell is guilty of the charges, he faces 10 years for the felony assault and one year for the misdemeanor assault.

Campbell will be arraigned Feb. 12. A time was not announced at the press conference.  A preliminary exam will be held or waived, Worthy said.

She added, the process, usually takes 90 days.

On Jan. 22, videos of Campbell body-slamming a Cass Tech security guard went viral.  According to reports, the 23-year-old security guard told Campbell to remove his hood from his head during dismissal.

Worthy said in a statement that Campbell allegedly became “profane, picked the officer up and slammed him on the floor.”

Campbell’s teammate Jamaal Brown told Fox2 news following the incident that Campbell was protecting himself from the guard.

“When somebody puts their hands on you, you got a right to defend yourself,” Brown said.

According to the same news report, the guard “tweeted soon after the incident, ‘Slam me when i’m not looking, lol, pussy. Hit me when i’m looking at you … bet i whoop your ass. I got dropped and got right back up!’ Responding to queries about the incident, the guard also tweeted, ‘Pussy grabbed … up when i wasn’t looking. He then took off when I tried to snatch him up.'”

The video mentioned above shows the guard did not have his back turned when Campbell grabbed him.  The students appear to be yelling at the guard, “Why you gotta instigate?”

This paper attempted several times to get information about the guard from DPS and Securitas, the private company that employs him; each attempt was ignored.

Campbell was arrested the day following the incident, and released Jan. 25.

According to Worthy, the guard sustained facial injuries and an open wound to the head.

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