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Judge Shelia Johnson for Michigan Supreme Court

Judge Shelia Johnson

Judge Shelia Johnson

The current majority of four of the Michigan Supreme Court appears to have lost their “mask” of impartiality and have seemingly systematically succumbed to a political agenda that consistently resulted in rulings that have obliterated established rights of individuals in favor of corporations and insurance companies — in most cases without respect for established case precedent or the intent of the legislature that drafted the laws.

For the citizens of Michigan, the solution is Oakland District Judge Shelia Johnson, who has worked from both vantage points: as a trial judge within the court system and in private practice, as a lawyer defending the rights of the people in the community. Judge Johnson is connected to the community and she has not lost sight of the value of common sense or “real world” concerns. She has an insightful knowledge of the law balanced with an understanding of the experiences, needs and expectations of fairness of the litigants of the community. Judge Johnson has presided over cases with that rare mixture of intellect, compassion, firmness and fortitude that make her an excellent candidate for Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. She knows what’s fair and she does what’s right under the law. Vote “Johnson for Justice” to bring this fresh persona, sound legal reasoning and real world perspective to the Supreme Court.

Judge Johnson is running for Supreme Court:

1) To restore public confidence in the system by judging fairly and respectfully, without bias for or against any person or organization

2) To ensure stability in the law by interpreting and applying the law accurately as written, respecting the precedent established in case law and the intent of the Legislature in statutes

3) To bring practical experience, a fresh, common sense and a more diverse perspective to the court that contemplates community concerns and family values rather than those solely of special interests.

The Supreme Court has the final word on every critical issue facing the residents of our state, which is why it is important to make your voice heard in this race. Voters must find the non-partisan portion on the ballot with the two sections entitled “Justice of the Supreme Court” and fill in the circle for Shelia Johnson.

Judge Johnson is running along with two highly qualified and dedicated women — Connie Kelley and Bridget McCormack — for three seats on the court. So remember, before you give your ballot back, vote Johnson, Kelley and McCormack for Michigan Supreme Court.


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