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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

NAN breast cancer survivor Mary Waters joins Michigan NAN President Rev. Charles Williams II in blocking Marathon Oil/Koch Bros. petroleum coke truck in a people’s protest against polluters. SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

NAN breast cancer survivor Mary Waters joins Michigan NAN President Rev. Charles Williams II in blocking Marathon Oil/Koch Bros. petroleum coke truck in a people’s protest against polluters. SAM RIDDLE PHOTO

July 4, 2013: Democracy dead in Detroit

Mind snacks-at-large are intended to enhance the celebratory Fourth of July holiday activities. Chew on ‘em or spit ‘em out, whatever.

A Facebook mind snack of mine: “Is it because you don’t know or don’t give a good damn? I will keep it in your face — don’t like it? Get off this page. All three branches of Detroit government are controlled from Lansing: the executive (mayor), the legislative (City Council) and the Judiciary (36th District Court).

“Democracy is dead in Detroit — the plantation rocks. How can the U.S.A. push democracy worldwide? Hypocrites, KMA.”

Guess the slave-holding founding fathers would have shouted “hell yes” to an EM for America’s Blackest and poorest city. Unions remain generically catatonic as they’re picked off one by one by the union-busting Negro EM proxy of Governor Snyder. Gut up. Go hard. It’s time for a general strike against democracy destroying union busters. “Duh, what’s a general strike Sam?” KMA.

Dogs (German Shepherds) to calm/intimidate Royal Oak Beaumont emergency room patients gone wild. Man, we are going straight up Gestapo. The real sick are those who seek to control not heal. Those in ER are the poor and people of color. We’ve seen those dogs before … fire hoses on the ready. KMA.

The real world of Africa has issues with President Obama’s liberal whites-first agenda no Kente cloth symbolism just going hard. I still love the President and his family, but Obama’s politics are adrift.

I believe it is a big deal when Black folk who have actually worked in cotton fields manage to graduate with a B.A. degree from the University of Michigan, serve three productive terms as a state representative, become the first Black woman Minority Floor Leader in the history of the Michigan legislature, and they are still willing to stand in front of a gigantic tractor trailer truck hauling poisonous petroleum coke and say “Stop!” Again, thank you breast cancer survivor Mary Waters!

I also agree with Mary Waters “the environment is not a ‘whites only’ issue. Environmental racism affects the poor and people of color who are least able to move away from the dangerous conditions.” Kudos also to Michigan National Action Network President Charles Williams II for helping block Marathon/Koch Bros. pet coke trucks. Media should not run whites only photos of direct action when that was not the reality of the initial truck blockade that I witnessed.

Sometimes standing up to power makes the difference for little people with big problems.

None of the challengers besides Napoleon stepped up their campaigns during the brief absence of Mike Duggan. A serious write-in campaign by Duggan coupled with an abysmally low turnout primary election could get Duggan through the primary to the general election. I’m sure Krystal and Tom disagree with me. Doesn’t matter, that’s how I see it.

I hope rumors are false that a female candidate for mayor is backing off criticism of the EM because she may end up being the woman counterpart to Gary Brown should her mayoral effort not pay off. Hmmm, found another $200 grand from a broke azz city, eh?

Get the facts. Petty greed destroys and can kill. Charles needs to stay alive and let his work speak for itself. If something surfaces that is wrongful, he must deal with it. The real issue is how we allow a selected EM to remove one we elected. Democracy has been destroyed in Detroit. Those that elect can recall or simply not re-elect. That is democracy at work.

Come back to Detroit, Charles. Deal with this mess. But above all, stay alive. Nothing can be undone. And God’s grace works for all of us (and there is no way in Hades that a selected democracy destroying Snyder EM can remove or punish one elected by the people of Detroit — only the people of Detroit have that power).

Be clear, anyone who harms our children must be brought to justice even though that individual will still enjoy God’s grace just as the one on the cross next to Jesus was redeemed. There is no shortage of sinners to save, but those holier than thou shall have a comeuppance, too.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for the National Action Network Michigan Chapter. He can be reached at or

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