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Keep your past behind you

By Frankie Darcell

No one is perfect. If they were, we wouldn’t need a God; there would be no need for the words “I’m sorry” or “forgive me.” We all stumble and fall in this journey. For some of us, the drop takes longer, but we can always catch ourselves before it’s too late.

When many of us look at our past, we feel guilt, anger, resentment, fear, shame or embarrassment because of the decisions we’ve made. But we have to accept the fact that we made that decision based on the information and maturity level available to us at the time. Each of us, no matter who you are, have made bad choices and made mistakes — some more detrimental than others, but bad nonetheless. But know that God forgives you and you must forgive yourself as well.

Do not allow yourself or anyone else to remind you of your past so much that it affects your future. From this day forward you must be bold and daring in your journey and believe solely in the power of forgiveness that your past may not have been perfect, but it will not hinder the possibilities in your future.

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