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Image of Emergency Manger Kevyn Orr on new website COURTESY IMAGE

Image of Emergency Manger Kevyn Orr on new website

By Zenobia Jeffries

The Michigan Citizen 

DETROIT — “I can cut somebody’s throat and leave them to bleed out in the gutter with the best of them.”

These words are on the welcome screen of the new website launched June 24.

They are also the words spoken by Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr during comments at his first public meeting in Detroit, June 2013.

According to the site owner/creator, who operates under anonymity, “the new website has angered” Orr’s former partners at the Jones Day law firm, also one of the city’s restructuring firm hired former Mayor Dave Bing’s days before Orr’s appointment as emergency manager. 

“The giant law firm sent a letter to the owner of the Internet domain, threatening legal action and ominously noting that “Your conduct will be closely monitored,” read a statement issued by .

In a letter dated June 10 from Jones Day, Attorney Robert P. Ducatma wrote, “I write…regarding your unauthorized use of Jones Day’s service mark on the website…including the statement that ‘Detroit’s economic coup d’etat has been brought to you by’ Jones Day.”

The letter continued, “Be advised that such use … is unauthorized and infringing use of Jones Day’s registered service marks….These rights are valid, incontestable and have not been granted to you to use in any manner whatsoever.”

Jones Day demanded immediate removal of their service mark. 

The parody site, the press statement says, was created to counter the relatively rosy stories put forward by Orr and Governor Rick  Snyder, who appointed Orr in March of last year,  about the effects of their actions on Detroit and its residents. 

“I’m almost flattered that telling truth to power, exposing the dealing of Orr and Snyder, has riled Orr’s former law firm to the point where they feel threatened by for exercising my First Amendment rights,” said the owner of “I have the counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and can only hope that, with their help, Jones Day will get a refresher course on the First Amendment.  Plus it’s important that people have access to a much broader range of information about actions of Snyder, Orr and Jones Day than has been widely publicized via corporate media.” 

The site will be continually updated with links, information and humor, on the effects of emergency management, gentrification, the Detroit water shutoff crisis, and the actions of Kevyn Orr in his capacity as EM, says the owner.  


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