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La Shaun phoenix Moore to headline Detroit concert, remains ‘Undefeated’

By Steve Furay
Special to the Michigan Citizen

Undefeated, never falling to the forces of oppression, never wavering in the face of your own fears, never losing balance on the tightrope of life. Amid the greatest challenges of her life, La Shaun phoenix Moore remains strong, ready to inspire, ready to sing to inspire her people — the collective souls of the Motor City.

On Aug. 29, La Shaun phoenix Moore will return to the stage at the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward Avenue) for her headlining show, “Undefeated,” presented by InHear Productions. 

The show is a comeback for the artist after a ruptured appendix left her hospitalized.

“Undefeated means that I’ve gone through my own personal Hurricane Katrina and I still have that bounce-back in me like a palm tree where I was bent to the point of breaking,” says Moore. “I snapped right back up. I’m undefeated.”

As a well-known poet and soul singer in Detroit, Moore had scheduled this headlining event after a successful concert in June called “The Rebirth” at the Park Bar, which led her to partner with investors who were willing to put up the money to help her sing on a larger stage.

“We used the word, ‘undefeated,’ because we felt all systems were go, there was nothing that could take us down: We were powerful; we were champions,” she says. “We had conquered insurmountable odds of investing our own money, and people were going to show up and enjoy it.”

But shortly after making the arrangements, she began to experience symptoms of what she thought was food poisoning, only to discover her appendix had ruptured. Unknowingly, she had walked around suffering for two days before she had gone to the hospital — deadly fluid slowly being released to her body. She barely escaped the rest of the fluid being released that could have taken her life. For three weeks she was hospitalized, nearly incapacitated with fever and pneumonia.

“Undefeated” will mark her return with a renewed gratitude for life and purpose of inspiring her fans, understanding the influence and power that music can have on the people.

“For me,” she says, “I want to use that power of influence for good. I want to impact the world until there is a pandemic of love, until we understand that we’ve got to get over our issues. We’ve got to get over these petty, simple issues — we’re humans. 

“We have to think more universally and globally until we say the only things we want to attract are things that feel good and things that are loving, and anything that opposes love is not something that can be welcomed into our circle. I want the love to be infectious, I want people to catch it.”

With her band Agile Society, a young and seasoned outfit helping her take her sound to new heights, the upcoming show will be her next opportunity to touch the people.

“It starts with us,” Moore said. “I think my gift is music, and it’s one of the simplest ways to do that.”

General admission tickets to “Undefeated” with guest Adrienne Mack-Davis and host V-Stylez are $20, available in advance at 

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