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Lewis College of Business: Building bridges, changing lives

By Heidi Ausgood
The Michigan Citizen

Lewis College of Business, Michigan’s only historically black college, not only continues to change lives in a relatively short period of time, but also serves as a generational bridge within the community.

It’s a learning environment in which a matured student is not only welcomed but valued. According to Carl A. King, Director of Admissions, a mature student has a stabilizing affect in the classroom; they get the younger students to apply themselves. Professors often observe younger student emulating mature students in both study habits, and classroom etiquette. Older students also have a better understanding of time management and deadlines, and that they transfer these disciplines to the younger students. Admissions Counselor Grant Gillespie says the presence of a mature adult in the classroom offers a whole new level of teaching at the school.

Gillespie says older students who find themselves displaced by the country’s ever changing job market, will find that their skills are transferable to other professions. For example, someone who may have worked as a team leader inside the plant, whether he realizes it or not is really a manager. Lewis College of Business will equip that individual with the skill needed for a career in business management, and that the work ethic of the manufacturing plant is easily transferable into the classroom and the business world.

Gillespie says employers today have no reservations about hiring seasoned workers. That in today’s bottom line economy, companies are not interested in spending money trying to teach someone how to hold down employment. That they look for and appreciate the discipline and dependability mature workers bring to the job place.

Carl A. King, Director of admissions says students should not be overwhelmed by the registration process. Students are assisted with applying for financial aid from step one through completion. During the registration process they are escorted across campus to make every procedure is completed.

Saturday and evening classes are available. And for students who are seeking employment, Lewis College of Business is flexible. Should a student get a job while attending classes, professors will adjust the learning plan to fit the students’ work schedule.

Lewis College of Business a historical institution meeting the challenges of today.

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