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Detroit Raw by Sam Riddle

Dan Gilbert, left, and Mike Duggan

Dan Gilbert, left, and Mike Duggan

Listen up, streets talk

By Sam Riddle
Special to the Michigan Citizen

I listen a lot more than I speak these days, because I had to learn the hard way there is power in silence and listening. The streets speak loudly if one is willing to shut up and listen to the wisdom bouncing around the potholes of Detroit where degrees and bank accounts are not required.

Now, what I’m hearing and feeling is not good news for the activist crowd south of Eight Mile. Streets say Sheriff Napoleon earned this presumptive azz kickin’ by the corporate-backed white boy that is running a well-funded populist campaign complete with kente cloth-wearing panthers, car racers and BBall team owners who have great insight into us because they handle zillion dollar Black hoopsters, while aligned with Midtown hipsters.  Another Kool-Aid please.

Now, Super Dan is poised to leap over not-so-tall but ugly structures and knock them down to create empty lot blight under the watchful eye of recycled Blight Czar Roy Roberts. Boy it’s a long way from Auto World.

If it’s not too much to ask Benny’s folk, please stop pimping the ghost of Coleman Young to justify the disconnect with grassroots Detroit. The Young legacy was derived from a total connect to the guts of Detroit. If you want a Coleman, do it the old school way — organize. Streets say this bougie attempt to connect with Detroit neighborhoods is so bad, Super Dan uses the word “neighborhood” with impunity on national TV these days.

Generals must have soldiers with high morale and discipline to wage and win a war. Napoleon’s troops are going through the motions with a fatalistic sigh of resignation to impending electoral slaughter, unless help rides in to strike against the limitless dollars and well-run campaign of D-U-G-G-A-N.

Is Major Reno going to make it to the Little Big Horn in time to save Custer this go-around? Maybe…

Longtime D-U-G-G-A-N nemesis, Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy, is placing her political prestige on the line with her Napoleon endorsement. Could Worthy be worth that 30 percent undecided vote in the Detroit mayoral race? Will this prosecutor discuss the condition in which her predecessor, D-U-G-G-A-N, left the Wayne County prosecutor’s office?

If the Napoleon keystone cop operatives are capable of turning Worthy’s endorsement into a working endorsement, the race could tighten up a tad. Dunno, just don’t know.

Republicans wonder how they lost two presidential elections in a row — no wonder at all — it’s stupid crap like this shutdown. Michigan Repubs have been a more successful microcosm of their Washington counterparts. Don’t like what the voters do? Stage a GOP regime-change coup, whether it’s after the voters rejected emergency managers here in Michigan or the nation re-elected President Obama, the Republicans just go Egyptian to undo elections.

That’s all the attack on Obamacare is about — a Republican pout. Note: this Affordable Health Care Act is an incomplete move toward the Promised Land where this nation will one day simply provide health care for all within our borders hassle free.

The community organizer side of the president is ensuring the servers stay busy for the start of the Obamacare signup period. Now the prez can simply say “you selfish azz republicans are stopping millions upon millions of Americans from getting much needed healthcare — shame on you jerks!” Yep.

Belle Isle. When the Isle gets some spit and shine, you will say we are better off with the state running things, but if the state had paid the millions of dollars owed to Detroit from reneged upon revenue sharing dollars, the city, through our duly elected and empowered council and mayor could have overseen the same improvements that will have you saying it was ok they took our vote and collective dignity. KMA.

Notice how they are ramping up the PR — putting Snyder’s Negro Detroit EM proxy all over TV, trying to make you like him. He is not the issue. The democracy-destroying union-busting governor Nerd, his Wall Street allies and phony liberals of all hues, who have rendered our vote meaningless, while propping up the EM, are the real issue. Maybe billionaire ex-con Al Taubman and the other DIA art patrons will have to show us how it’s done if DIA artwork is sold.

If the Detroit city clerk’s opponent knew anything about campaigning the clerk would be history. Alas, malfeasance shall be rewarded. Mrs. Winfrey, quality control is doing it right the first time.

As the USA inflicts drone democracy in the Middle East, note that dollars trump democracy in Detroit, but the drones are in place.

We must never let haters cause us to lose hope or dislike ourselves and never let haters make you weak in your faith. Keep the faith. Stay on the battlefield.

Sam Riddle is political director for Michigan National Action Network. Follow him on Facebook at or Twitter at

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