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‘Living for Change’ in China

Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs

By Grace Lee Boggs
Special to the Michigan Citizen

This week, I received sample copies of the Chinese edition of “Living for Change.” The Index, which is the only section in English, lists the names of the individuals who had been a part of my life up to 1998 when the English edition was published by the University of Minnesota Press, e.g. my mother, father, Hegel, Whitehead, Lyman Paine, C.L.R. James, Jimmy Boggs et al.  Last month, I received this email from Zhanglili, the editor of the Chinese edition.

Dear Grace:

It was my pleasure to edit this book. Your life story is colorful and legendary, your mental quality is useful for spiritual maturity, and now, it is required by Chinese people.

All the people around me are very interested in this book. In order to make more readers know about this book, we have done a lot of propaganda work together with Professor Luo Xiaoge.

Promotional activities included: the book-issuing ceremony for the first time in the library of Hu Nan province; publishing book reviews in the websites and newspapers; giving the lecture; and using the (China’s new social media, such as micro letter and weibo (similar to Twitter) and so on). (In addition to that), Professor Luo Xiaoge did more.

Happy Chinese New Year to you! Good luck in the year of the horse!


Links to Chinese web-references to “Living for Change:”

First-time book-issuing ceremony:

Professor Luo Xiaoge wrote this review, which was initiaally published by the large national media outlet, Guangming Daily and has been reprinted many times.

Guangzhou new media women lectures, the speaker is Luo Xiaoge

Book review by Zhanglili:


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