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‘Madiba’ joins the ancestors

Nelson Mandela in Detroit

Nelson Mandela in Detroit

JOHANNESBURG — Freedom fighter, teacher, statesman, Nelson Mandela has joined the ancestors at age 95.

After spending nearly thirty years in prison for his opposition to the white racist rule under Apartheid, Mandela emerged from prison as South Africa’s first Black president.

Mandela visited Detroit in 1990 on his Mandela Freedom Tour, impacting the world with his message of “forgiveness.”

“I can still hear his voice as he thanked the people of Detroit and “Motor-town” for their support during his imprisonment,” Rev. Wendell Anthony of the Detroit NAACP wrote in a statement honoring Mandela’s legacy. “It was electrifying for all of us who were blessed to be there, particularly as he recalled the words of Detroit’s own Marvin Gaye, “Brother, brother, there’s far too many of you dying. Mother, mother, there’s far too many of you crying.”

Mandela, who had succumb to illness in 2011, became a global symbol of reconciliation.

After battling a respiratory infection and later a lung infection in 2012 which resulted in him being hospitalized on several occasions, Mandela made his transition December 5, 2013.

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