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‘Maybe it’s time for a female mayor’

Markeeta King

Markeeta King

City lawyer Krystal Crittendon was demoted from her top position as Corporation Counsel because she challenged the Fiscal Stability Agreement aka Consent Agreement between the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan. Crittendon filed a lawsuit in June 2012, asking a state judge to determine whether the Consent Agreement was legal since the state owes the city. Per the city’s charter, the city cannot enter into contract with any entities owing the city money. This was the basis of Crittendon’s suit.

Mayor Dave Bing publicly announced that Crittendon was in the way of his agenda with the state and asked Council to vote for her removal as the city’s top lawyer. The Council voted 6-3 to remove Crittendon.

A week later she announced she has formed an exploratory committee to determine whether she’ll run for mayor in the coming 2013 mayoral election. Crittendon says who better to lead the city than someone who’s not only knowledgeable of how city government works, but has been in the trenches.

Would you vote for Crittendon for mayor?

I am not sure if she has enough experience. I think I heard on the news that she is just a lawyer. We already made the mistake putting Mayor Bing in office with no experience; we cannot afford to make the same mistake.
— Eric Tate

I would vote for her. I think we need a woman to come and straighten this city out. I have to live here and I hope that she does her part. My sister passed away in a fire not too long ago, because of EMS and fire response time. Hopefully, she can fix it.
— Markeeta King

I think a woman would be able to get the job done. Not saying that men are not intelligent; I just believe that a woman would be passionate about the city like she would be passionate in her own home.
— Liz Smith


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