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Duggan starts work early

Mike Duggan holds post-election press conference, Nov. 6

Mike Duggan at post-election press conference, Nov. 6

DETROIT — Mike Duggan is expected to start his duties as one of the city’s administrators before he’s sworn in as mayor in January 2014.

Emergency Manger Kevyn Orr has asked Duggan — with Gov. Rick Snyder’s support — to oversee management of the city’s operations, just days after he was elected as the city’s next mayor, according to a column in the Detroit News, Nov. 7.

In a press conference the day following the election, Duggan said he was looking forward to meeting with Orr, who he hadn’t seen since law school.

“We’ll (sit down) and get reacquainted. I am optimistic we can do that,” he said.

Duggan alluded to a position as operations manager, or COO, in his first debate with mayoral opponent Sheriff Benny Napoleon, where he suggested the mayor could work in the capacity of chief operating officer under emergency management.

This role is within the scope of a mayor’s responsibilities, according to Duggan spokesperson John Roach.

“He will be an independent elected mayor working, we hope, in collaboration with the Emergency Manager for the time that Mr. Orr is here,” Roach said in an email, responding to whether Duggan will begin serving before he’s sworn in next year. “He will be sworn in as Mayor in January.”

Roach reiterated Duggan will serve independently as the elected mayor of Detroit, and not as an employee of the EM.

At his press conference, Nov. 6, Duggan said he’s focusing on positive cooperation and being optimistic about a partnership with EM Orr and Gov. Snyder.

- Staff report

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