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Media darlings

Two men who present themselves as leaders in the community are practicing objectionable examples of hypocrisy.

Both men are highly visible, appearing daily on television and radio. One of them has two shows airing on TV, which is a rarity. Since nothing appears on television that isn’t planned (even the “news”) then these two men must be doing something right according to the planning of their respective bosses.

One man has a radio talk show, an afternoon television talk show, and hosts an evening televised game show. My objection: the creation of a new character on his radio show called “Pimpin.” The character speaks in a deep, smooth, low voice, describes himself wearing outlandish (lemon yellow suit with matching shoes, for example) clothes, and makes his living collecting money from women who are selling their bodies for sex. According to the show, the character “Pimpin” is going to receive much more additional airtime.

I’m no prude, but this character is foul. Young people (particularly young women) today don’t need to be told it is okay to profit from women performing sex acts for money. Many prostitutes are drug addicts, suffer from varying degrees of mental health issues, and frequently are victims of childhood sex abuse.

The other hypocrite is often first on the scene in the event of a “crisis.” He is a Reverend, and according to his radio show “America’s number one civil rights activist.” He burst on the national scene assisting a young girl who had been brutally gang-raped and had feces smeared on her face. These allegations were later said to be fraudulent and the young lady was ordered to pay restitution (ballooning in 2013 to $431,000) to the prosecutor, who she defamed.

radio microphoneRecently, the good reverend admitted to being a FBI informant. My objection: the daily playing of a theme song (instrumental version) on his radio show, the lyrics of which describe the death of a double-crossing, thieving, subservient to his woman heroin-addicted junkie. The song was featured in a 1972 movie that celebrates dope dealing.

The last thing the community needs to absorb is the constant reinforcement that drug dealing must be okay, since there is a song glorifying it every day on the radio.

The big picture i$ all about money and interwoven relationship$.

The first hypocrite spews pimpology on Clear Channel.

Clear Channel owns Detroit area radio stations: WMXD (92.3), WDFN-AM (1130), WDTW-FM (106.7), WJLB-FM (97.9), WKQI-FM (95.5) and WNIC-FM (100.3).

Bain Capital owns Clear Channel. Yes indeedy. The same Bain Capital that once employed Willard “Mitt” Romney.

The second hypocrite rants and raves on Radio One.

Radio One owns WCHB 1200 AM and 99.9 FM. Radio One is owned by Cathy Hughes. Radio One’s largest stockholder is Dimension Fund Advisors. DFA’s “resident scientist” is Robert Merton. Merton was once an integral part of Long-Term Capital Management. LTCM almost brought down the whole global financial charade in 1998.

— Robert Walker
Southfield, Mich.


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