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Michigan Republicans are a disgrace to our country on Memorial Day 2014

Charles Brown

Charles Brown

By Charles Brown

A main slogan of the American Revolution was “taxation without representation is tyranny.” Michigan Republicans have imposed tyranny on citizens of cities throughout the state with institution of emergency managers who usurp elected representatives’ powers to steward the citizens’ tax money.

Memorial Day celebrates the sacrifices of troops for the very American liberty the Michigan Tea Party Republicans have taken from Detroit and other cities. I discuss some of the history of these Michigan emergency “dictator” laws at

I said there, “The state’s takeover actions and laws violate the fundamental American liberty of the right not to be taxed without being able to elect those who steward one’s tax money in the government coffers. This is one of the main American liberties our troops defend. The state takeovers are profoundly anti-American.”

The American Revolutionaries made no exceptions from the principle of no taxation without representation for governments with fiscal problems. Voting is synonymous with democracy in the American vocabulary.  Michigan’s dictatorial takeover of Michigan cities is un-American.

Among the Michigan Republicans’ political crimes in the course of establishing tyrannical dictatorships on mostly African American majority cities and school districts (school districts have taxes stewarded by elected officials ) was passing again essentially the same Emergency Manager law the people of Michigan repealed by referendum!

I still can’t believe the in-your-face arrogance of these so-and-so’s in Lansing when they, with a straight-face, claimed passing a new law with the emergency manager-dictator still in it does not violate the most fundamental principle of democracy: We, the people, rule!

In the face of a command from the highest American political authority, the people voting in referendum to repeal the Emergency Manager law, the un-American, tyrannical Michigan Republican majority legislature and governor, passed a law that still provides for the imposition of a dictator who usurps the powers of the elected representatives of the citizens the city, while making other superficial changes to pretend that it is a different law, not the one repealed by the people.

On Memorial Day, we celebrated those who gave the ultimate sacrifice or made grave sacrifices to defend the freedoms established by the United States Constitution and the American Revolution. Voting is one of the major freedoms and liberties of America.

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