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Mike Dugeon for mayor Mayor

Mike Dugeon button‘In it to win it’

DETROIT – Detroit barber Mike Dugeon is running for mayor of Detroit.

The 30-year old Dugeon, who says he’s ‘in it to win it,’ filed as a write-in candidate for mayor this morning.

His slogan, “Every citizen has a future.”

Within minutes of putting up his Facebook page, Dugeon garnered wide support — over 3,000 likes. He also sent a message to voters: “Write Mike and spell it right! D-U-G-E-O-N Mike Dugeon for Detroit!”

The other Mike Duggan has 2,100 likes.

Social media commentators were supportive of Dugeon.

“This is an old tactic from when the city was still a majority white population. I remember in about 1965 or so, Joe B. Sullivan (white) was running for judge or prosecutor in Wayne County and his opponents ran Joe Sullivan (white). I think on the ballot, not write in.  If u check the record, u might find Duggan and McNamara did this or something similar when they had the Wayne County machine. Duggan is not exactly the one to feel sorry for for standard electoral tricks,” wrote one person.

Others wrote:

“Lol, two things that are great about this country is 1) I can pretty much say what I want and 2) you pretty much have a right to respond any way you want. What a country.”

“HILARIOUS!!! But I love it!!  Guess Duggie (will) have to go to his millionaire/billionaire buddies for more money to run his adds 24/7 now?  He has to make sure his supporters know how to spell his name and shade in the circle? Too funny!! iAn’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun,” hunh?”

Of course this could be problematic for Dugeon’s contender, write-in candidate Mike Duggan, former CEO of Detroit Medical Center and longtime Wayne County politico.

The Freep quoted Duggan’s campaign manager Bryan Barnhill, who called Dugeon’s candidacy a “cheap shot.”

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