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New bills under Gov. Snyder

Rick Snyder

Rick Snyder

Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law over 200 bills that came out of an unusually active lame-duck session. They include:

– House Bill 5523, sponsored by state Rep. Paul Opsommer, protects the online privacy of Michiganders by prohibiting employers and educational institutions from asking applicants, employees and students for passwords and other account information used to access private Internet and e-mail accounts, including social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. It also penalizes educational institutions for dismissing or failing to admit a student who does not provide such details.

– Senate Bill 152, sponsored by state Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, revises existing law to require that video recordings of interrogations be made in certain criminal investigations regarding major felonies. It is now PA 479.

– SB 873, sponsored by state Sen. Jim Marleau, protects commercial truckers from unfair contracts that leave them open to damage to their equipment without being paid by those responsible. It is now PA 480.

-SB 933, sponsored by state Sen. Rick Jones, allows employers to not be responsible for paying for employee medical marijuana treatment. It is now PA 481.

-SB 972, sponsored by Hildenbrand, requires notification to a property owner when property is returned to the county treasurer because of delinquent taxes. It is now PA 482.

-SB 978 and 979, sponsored by Schuitmaker, and SB 980, sponsored by Jones, allow for the practice of trust decanting, meaning assets held by an irrevocable trust may be moved into a different trust. The bills are now PAs 483-485.

-SB 988, sponsored by state Sen. Steve Bieda, designates the walkway between the state Capitol and the Hall of Justice as the Frank J. Kelley Promenade. It is now PA 486.

-SB 996, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, requires the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to make indemnity payments to livestock producers for the death, injury, or loss of their livestock due to wolves, coyotes or cougars. It is now PA 487.

-SB 1031, sponsored by Casperson, allows recreational activities as approved uses of municipal forest lands. It is now PA 488.

-SB 1133, sponsored by state Sen. Rebekah Warren, allows the State Administrative Board to sell the vacated Ypsilanti State Police Post. It is now PA 489.

-SB 1148, sponsored by state Sen. Bruce Caswell, allows certain exceptions to the requirements for an industrial facilities exemption certificate. It is now PA 490.

-SB 1180, sponsored by state Sen. Goeff Hansen, allows the secretary of state to use the Pure Michigan branding as part of the standard issue vehicle license plate. It is now PA 491.

-SB 1189, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Jansen, establishes pension oversight by requiring equal treatment of elected and appointed members of a public employee retirement system governing board. It is now PA 492.

-SB 1272, sponsored by Jansen, requires employers’ contribution payments and obligation assessment payments to be credited first to interest on the obligation assessment and then to the assessment, with the remainder credited as currently required to penalties and interest on contributions and contribution principal. It is now PA 493.

-HB 4134, sponsored by Margaret O’Brien, provides tax exemption for new construction on development property from school operating taxes for up to three years or until the property is sold or used for commercial purposes. It is now PA 494.

-HB 4496, sponsored by state Rep. John Walsh, allows community colleges to grant bachelor’s degrees in cement technology, maritime technology, energy production technology and culinary arts. It is now PA 495.

-HB 4726, sponsored by state Rep. Al Pscholka, excludes wages earned by volunteer firefighters if less than $10,000 so it won’t affect the amount of unemployment benefits they may receive. It is now PA 496.

-HB 4753, sponsored by state Rep. Peter Pettalia, allows family members to transfer residential property to a parent or child without incurring a pop-up tax. It is now PA 497.

-HB 5668, sponsored by state Rep. Brad Jacobsen, primarily allows used car dealers to voluntarily enter into an agreement with an inventory lender so the lender can retain physical possession of a used vehicle’s certificate of title as long as the used vehicle dealer meets certain criteria. It is now PA 498.

– HB 4862 and 4863 sponsored by state Rep. Earl Poleski requires the consolidation of local substance abuse treatment agencies with their local mental health partners, synthesizing management functions for all substance abuse services into common entities under Community Mental Health Services Programs (CMHSPs). The effective date of the transfer of responsibilities to the CMHSPs would be not later than Oct. 1, 2014.

– SB 1210, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Kowall, streamlines and improves the effectiveness of the brownfield grants and loans program, providing a sustainable revenue stream. It is now PA 502.

– HB 5835, sponsored by state Rep. Jeff Farrington, repeals the outdated Savings and Loan Act of 1980 and any reference to it is removed. The Savings and Loan Act of 1980 no longer serves any purpose and no institutions are chartered under the Act. It is now PA 503.

-HB 4561, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Haveman, coincides with the national code cycle change and gives the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs the ability to determine if code changes are substantial enough to warrant updating the Michigan Residential Code more frequently. It is now PA 504.

– HB 4975, sponsored by state Rep. Margaret O’Brien, provides a framework for the regulation of Appraisal Management Companies. It is now PA 505.

– HB 5302, sponsored by state Rep. Roy Schmidt, brings financial accountability and transparency to local road agencies by requiring standards for employee pay and benefits as a condition for receiving state road funds beginning Sept. 30, 2014, ensuring that transportation funds are maximized for the building of roads. It is now PA 506.

– HB 5313, sponsored by state Rep. Brad Jacobsen, requires counties under this act to certify their compensation, retirement and health plans for employees to conform to certain standards as a condition of receiving state road funds beginning Sept. 30, 2014. Oakland County is the only county impacted by this legislation. It is now PA 507.

– HB 5315, sponsored by state Rep. Patrick Somerville, amends the Mental Health Code to improve the safety and security of both patients and mental health professionals by allowing video security cameras to be used in common areas in psychiatric hospitals. It is now PA 508.

– HB 5817, sponsored by state Rep. Paul Opsommer, expands prepayment of sales tax to diesel fuel and reduces the per gallon variance between the prepayment and the final sales tax by using a one month averaging period instead of a quarterly period. It is now PA 509.

-HB 5557, sponsored by state Rep. Margaret O’Brien, revises the 2011 deadline in the process whereby downtown development authorities (DDAs) apply to the Department of Treasury for approval to receive State Education Tax (SET) revenues to be used to meet certain debt obligations. By extending the deadline, the bill allows the city of Kalamazoo DDA to receive SET revenues it otherwise would have lost. It is now PA 510.

– HB 5673, sponsored by state Rep. Al Pscholka, modifies grant and loan programs under the Strategic Water Quality Initiatives Fund (SWQIF). It is now PA 511.

– HB 4851, sponsored by state Rep. Phil Cavanagh, amends the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act by creating a definition of a bona fide physician-patient relationship and further defines an enclosed, locked facility and provides clarification on the transporting of medical marihuana in a motor vehicle. It is now PA 512.

– HB 4853, sponsored by state Rep. Ed McBroom, amends the Code of Criminal Procedure to include a violation of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA) in the sentencing guidelines. The bill strengthens the MMMA by placing a penalty on registered qualifying patient’s or registered qualifying caregivers who sell marihuana to an unauthorized person. It is now PA 513.

– HB 4834, sponsored by state Rep. Gail Haines, allows the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to contract for the processing and issuance of medical marihuana registry identification cards to help eliminate delays. The bill also extends the period in which a registry card is valid from one year to two years and requires the department to appoint a review panel to review petitions received for other medical conditions in addition to those conditions currently authorized under the Medical Marihuana Act. It is now PA 514.

– HB 5801, sponsored by state Rep. Ray Franz, enables Michigan to enter into a state and province emergency management assistance agreement, allowing Michigan to enter into an international mutual aid agreement with Canada. It is now PA 515.

– SB 969, sponsored by state Sen. John Proos, allows a school district to qualify for special pupil membership counting provisions, as well as a seat time exemption, if the district operated a dropout recovery program that met specified criteria. It is now PA 516.

-SB 1024, sponsored by state Sen. Roger Kahn, prohibits individuals with economic relationships with Iran from submitting bids on requests for proposals with the state, school districts, community college districts, intermediate school districts, cities, villages, townships, counties, public authorities or public airport authorities to take effect April 1, 2013. It is now PA 517.

– HB 5367, sponsored by state Rep. Chuck Moss, provides supplemental appropriations for FY 13 for the departments of Human Services and Treasury. The appropriations are for the Indigent Burial program and Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT). It is now PA 518.

– HB 5830, sponsored by state Rep. Eileen Kowall, provides for capital outlay reforms that streamline the authorization process and ensure fiscal discipline by requiring that long-term debt obligations are accounted for in the budget when new projects are authorized. It is now PA 519.

-SB 1350, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, allows the Natural Resource Commission (NRC) to create a gray wolf season in Michigan and establishes a wolf hunting license with associated fees. It removes the gray wolf from the furbearer list and adds it to the list of game species in Michigan. The bill establishes a wolf hunting license and sets fees for resident and non-resident licenses. It is now PA 520.

– SB 1172, sponsored by state Sen. Darwin Booher, extends the mortgage foreclosure modification sunset until June 30, 2013. It is now PA 521.

– SB 265, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to create an exception to seasonal weight restrictions for vehicles transporting heating fuel, helping to resolve the problem of fuel haulers making multiple trips to service their customers. It is now PA 522.

-SB 810, sponsored by state Sen. Goeff Hansen, amends the Michigan Election Law to allow cities more flexibility in scheduling voting dates to even year primary and general election dates, as well as putting into place a plan help ensure that overseas and military ballot deadlines are met. It also addresses previous concerns raised by the governor when he vetoed earlier legislation on this topic. The change now simply includes an opening U.S. citizen declarative statement on applications, alleviating voter confusion and removing the need for a separate citizenship checkbox while ensuring voters are properly qualified. It is now PA 523.

– HB 4446, sponsored by state Rep. Margaret O’Brien, provides for the conditions under which a bank may retain the principal residence exemption (PRE) and to allow taxpayers to appeal to obtain the PRE at the July and December boards of review. It is now PA 524.

– HB 5404, sponsored by state Rep. Dale Zorn, prohibits a land division or land plat that isolates a cemetery so that it is not accessible, and instead requires that cemeteries be served by easements that provide vehicular access. It is now PA 525.

– HB 5422, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Haveman, enables colleges and community colleges to provide new employee training to new corrections officers, reducing costs that the Department of Corrections spends on training new recruits. Currently, all training of new recruits is held in Lansing. It provides for minimum standards and requirement that colleges and community colleges must follow. It is now PA 526.

-HB 5600, sponsored by state Rep. Joe Haveman, permits a juvenile offender who has been adjudicated of not more than one felony or not more than three misdemeanors and who does not have an adult felony conviction to petition the adjudicating court(s) to set aside one felony adjudication and two misdemeanor adjudications, or up to three misdemeanor adjudications. This bill also provides a reduced timeframe of one year, instead of the current statutory timeframe of five years, in which the individual can petition the courts for the set-aside of adjudication(s). It is now PA 527.

-HB 5459, sponsored by state Rep. Paul Opsommer, amends the Open Meetings Act to specify posting requirements for notices of special meetings or rescheduled meetings. It also establishes notice requirements for emergency public meetings and those meetings that fail to meet the 18-hour notice requirement. It is now PA 528.

-HB 5487, sponsored by state Rep. Phil Potvin, allows authorized agents (weighmasters) of county road commissions to enforce activities related to the proper registration of commercial vehicles; and the height, weight and width of vehicles and loads; and the safety of loads, among other things. It eliminates previous ambiguity regarding whether weighmasters are required to be certified as a police officer to enforce the code. It is now PA 529.

-HB 5805, sponsored by state Rep. Lisa Lyons, creates the Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act and acknowledges these ministries are not subject to the Insurance Code of 1956 and are not engaged in the business of insurance in Michigan. It is now PA 530.

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