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New world order

  • EM Orr, his partners and former associates stand to make about $100 million in fees from a municipal bankruptcy and have billed Detroit $1.4 million for six weeks of work.
  • A mayoral candidate leading a write-in campaign has received the endorsement of the Detroit Regional Chamber and tons of media coverage.
  • Despite charter requirements, the same council members who brought in the consent agreement, the EM and Jones Day, skipped the legitimate candidate for council president pro tem, Brenda Jones, and voted for Andre Spivey to fill the pro tem seat.
  • Voting irregularities were found when people were registered with addresses at federal buildings.
  • Desperately needed city funds are being used to help City Clerk Janice Winfrey fight to save her job in a court battle to keep D. Etta Wilcoxon, a candidate for city clerk, off the ballot when the issues are the same that led the clerk to leave Duggan on the ballot. When it’s Duggan, the clerk says leave him on and let the voters decide; when it’s her, the clerk decides and removes her challenger from the ballot.
  • The police and fire unions are contemplating getting a 2012 judgment enforced to make the city pay the remaining $29.8 million it owes for missed pension payments. The judgment was issued in July last year. It ordered the city to pay just over $50 million by the end of June 2013. Pension fund officials say the city still owes. EM Orr says he won’t pay.
  • Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Snyder appointee Andy Dillon, following a stint in rehab for alcoholism, has had his paycheck garnished for failing to pay $5,000 in child and spousal support after his divorce three months ago.  While under the influence of alcohol and in the duress of domestic troubles, Dillon recommended appointment of emergency management over 50 percent of the state’s Black cities.
  • Highland Park Emergency Manager Donald Weatherspoon can throw away a historic Black History collection, sell off school property for pennies on the dollar and hire for-profit failing charter corporations.
  • EM Orr, with the stroke of a pen, singlehandedly undermined hundreds of hours of work on the Detroit City Charter when he ordered City Council not to fill the three vacated council seats.
  • Underlying it all is Gov. Snyder’s usurpation of the Constitution. Snyder signed a new EM law that was rammed through the legislature in a lame-duck session, ignoring the vote of Michiganders, disenfranchising the majority of the state’s Black populace and unseating 75 percent of Michigan’s Black elected officials.

This is our reality under emergency management — a new world order.

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