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Online radio station connects Motown to hip hop

Stacy’e J

By Marcus Wright
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Although Stacy’e Jones grew up appreciating music she never dreamed she would own a radio station. But she does. Stacy’e J — as she’s known in the industry — owns Liquid Flow, an Internet radio station located at 1938 Franklin.

Stacy’e J said online radio operates much the same as on-air radio. “Business owners can purchase ads, artists can rent the recording studio,” Stacy’e J said. “Activists can purchase time for a show and we can set up a Web cam.”

And of course you can’t forget the music. Hip hop and soul music are played at and, respectively.

Jones graduated from Andover High School in Bloomfield Hills, attended Wayne State University and completed a course at Specs Howard School of Broadcasting in 2007 to receive a radio certificate. She was an intern at Radio One and an on-air personality for McDonald Broadcasting Lansing Promotion Clear Channel Toledo.

Jones founded Liquid Flow four years ago. She said she named the business Liquid Flow in dedication to a friend with whom she attended Specs Howard. He was a DJ and had promised Stacy’e J they would work together when they graduated. “He died a month after graduating,” Stacy’e J said. “And when I opened the business I name it Liquid Flow as he had been known.”

Stacy’e J grew up surrounded by family members who love music. She said she was exposed to all types of music because it seemed each family member liked a different genre. “This (Liquid Flow) really started as a hobby,” Stacy’e J said. “I don’t know where it’s going.”

She was working from her home when a friend introduced her to someone who was renovating lofts on the riverfront. She thought having a loft would be the perfect place for Liquid Flow.

She said she was impressed with its potential at first sight. “I really like it and it works for Liquid Flow,” Stacy’e J said. “This big window lets me look out over the river. I can enjoy the fireworks and quiet time for writing. I’m really loving what I do and where I do it.”

Stacy’e J said she knows a lot of people in the industry and a large number ask her for advice. She said she is an outlet for local artists.

Liquid Flow has listeners all over the globe, according to Stacy’e J. The largest audience outside of the United States is in Japan, she says. “They love J Dilla,” Stacy’e J said. “Sounds of Soul radio was featured in a London paper and I didn’t even know it. A friend told me they’d read it in the Metro and I responded, ‘What’s the Metro?’”

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