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Open letter to Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey

Marc Cayce

Marc Cayce

Dear Madam Clerk:

This letter is in reference to my disqualification as a candidate for City Council for the City of Detroit.

Detroit City Charter

Effective Jan. 1, 2013

Section 3-111, Residency Requirement for Elective Officers: “All candidates for elective office and elected officials shall be bona fide residents of the city of Detroit and must maintain their principal residence in the city of Detroit for one year at the time of filing for office or appointment to office.”

Section 2-101, Qualifications for Elective and Appointive Officers: “A person seeking elective office must be a citizen of the United States, a resident and a qualified registered voter of the city of Detroit for one year at the time of filing for office and retain that status throughout their tenure in any such elective office.”

I am a resident of the city of Detroit, own property here, was born and raised in Detroit, and graduated from Harding Middle School and Redford High School, which are both in District 1.

As stated in the charter language above, if an individual is filing for office and has been a resident of the city for a year prior to the filing, as I was and am, then that should be sufficient to comply with this law.

The intent of the new residency requirement in the charter was to make sure candidates were residents for at least a year before the filing deadline. I clearly meet those criteria. It is the filing deadline and not when you file your petitions that this law addresses.

So I am requesting that you review and resend your command to remove my name as a candidate for Detroit City Council District 1.


Marc Cayce
Candidate for City Council District 1

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