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Open letter to President Obama

Barack ObamaI am doing my very best to continue supporting you. I trust your leadership, but I am very concerned about the problems Michigan residents especially those in Black communities have been experiencing ever since Mr. Rick Snyder became governor. He has eroded and disrespected democracy in Michigan by ignoring the United States and Michigan Constitutions and the Voter Rights Act of 1965.

We need your intervention NOW!

Many feel abandoned by you, our president. I am doing all I can to give you support and speak up for our historical president but when we don’t hear or see you speaking up against anyone, especially any top official such as a governor, who is disrespecting and attempting to, and in some cases, reverse our voting rights, that is a major problem that can’t be defended. Please speak up and against these types of actions.

So many voters have opted out of the voting process. Why? Because it seems as though our votes are being railroaded and the Voter Rights Act of 1965 is being ignored as displayed shortly after a majority vote on Nov. 6, 2012 repealed PA 4 of 2011, also known as the Emergency Manager Law.

Before January 2013, Gov. Snyder signed into law another version of the EM bill (PA 436) during lame duck session in which it was written to not be able to be repealed. PA 436 was already written and ready for the governor’s signature had Proposal 1 (the repeal of PA 4) been approved.

Even prior to this vote, over 300,000 signatures were easily obtained for the purpose of having this proposal placed on the November 2012 ballot and the Republican party did all it could to not have this initiative placed on the ballot — claiming the “font size” was inaccurate.

That trick didn’t work, so the only option Gov. Snyder had to ignore the vote was to sign into law, House Bill PA 436. PA 436 essentially stripped us of our power and our right to vote, be it wrong or right, on Dec. 27, 2012.

— Cynthia A. Johnson
Registered Detroit voter

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