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Peace Movement Rally

By Valrie Cobb

The Peace Movement is on the move ­— going from one school to another to encourage, motivate and teach students about peace. One of many rallies planned for the year happened at Cesar Chavez Academy. Dr. Joyce Jones designed the program for students to feel free to express their thoughts on violence within their city and the peaceful way to end the violence. Peace begins by teaching young people early to, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “…pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means.”

The Movement is a forum for them to speak out against violence, bullying and conflict resolution. A Cesar Chavez Academy student said, “I feel scared because they can kill me. I don’t like violence at all. Violence affects me because I care about other people and I care about my community.”

Dr. Jones and her group will meet and discuss having a Peace Rally with the principals and parents from each school.  Schedule your appointment for the upcoming year.  Please know that Dr. Jones works to rally the parents, grandparents, guardians and youth organizers to create the bigger rally with the children. Without independent concerned adults coming together for the sake of the children nothing can be accomplished. The Peace Movement is about everyone getting involved, joining forces for change, letting children and adults know that peace is possible. Mr. David Meloche, school leader at the Cesar Chavez Academy echoed that sentiment, “the Rally was uplifting, motivating, moving and especially empowering! I encourage any school that is truly and genuinely interested in meeting the threat of violence head-on, to partner with Stop the Violence! It may be one of the best steps a school can take on a path to peace.”

Dr. Joyce heard the cries of the young people in 2005 and began the Stop the Violence Prevention Outreach Program. The “I Care Club” (first through fourth grades) and the “Mediation Training” for (fifth through eighth grades) began. Dr. Joyce uses her background as a conflict resolution consultant to create a curriculum of peace. The rallies are a natural progression from her initial teachings.

Dr. Joyce has been invited again to the University of Michigan in Flint. She spoke to the future teachers in September, 2012 and will return this October, to share her insights on keeping peace in the classroom.

We urge you to get involve. Become one mind, one heart and speak in one voice to take back our streets through love. Encourage non-violence. There is strength in unity.

Come. Join our next event Wednesday September 11, 2013. Our 1st Annual 911 Stop the Violence! Street Fest Peace Rally Back to School Awareness with Prayer Time 4:00 pm – 9 pm at Shephard’s Park in Oak Park, MI on Church Street. For more information call 313.221.3000.

Visit the Web site and send a message to Dr. Joyce,

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