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People say keep fighting EM laws

Nov. 6, Michigan voters repealed Public Act 4. Republicans have introduced legislation to maintain the Emergency Manager Law. Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer joined the Republicans. He said the state needs an emergency manager law. What do you think of Republicans’ actions? What about the Democrats?

Brenda Hill

Brenda Hill

I think we should call it what it is: an assault on Democracy. People voted. Said they didn’t want PA 4 or 72. The Dems need to grow some and the people need to grow some. As long as (Republicans) can get in their cars, drive to their nice homes without being bothered, they’ll continue to do what they are doing. If we don’t give them a bag and make them get out, they’ll stay.
Brenda Hill

During the time when Richard Nixon was president there was a phrase “Ugly American.” The Republicans who are pushing this agenda to deprive people of the right to vote remind me of the “Ugly American.” However, we have to keep watch and keep going. Obama won. We have to keep on fighting. We must maintain the momentum. They’re trying to steal the vote. Detroit must stay awake.
Cardinal Baye Landy

We must make sure our people are aware. Make sure the wishes of the people become the elected officials’ demands. We must raise the alert as soon as we see that not happening. Don’t wait to vote. Make some noise immediately. The squeaky wheel gets the attention.
Yazid Goree


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