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PMAC welcomes Detroit to the ‘Colored Section’


Geno and Mychal Noir, founders of PMAC. PUAKEA OLAISHA ANDERSON PHOTO

By Puakea Olaisha Anderson
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Poor Man’s Art Collection  (PMAC) hosted “Welcome to the Colored Section” event for local artists and authors Oct. 26. The event runs every weekend through Nov. 16.

“I want people to feel enlightened when they view my art,” says Mychal Noir. Noir is an artist with PMAC and has been for over four years now. The culture of art in Detroit has encouraged artists to be more creative with their work and learn the business aspect of their dedication. PMAC is creating venues for artists to sell their work.

“I love what PMAC is doing. We are like kindred spirits. … We are showing what Detroit has to offer,” says K, a Detroit artist.

Alicia Johnson, proprietor of ANJ Creations, was also part of the event. Johnson  creates jewelry.

“Jewelry makes people feel good and I like to see people look nice,” said Johnson, who also designs clothing.

Detroit artist and poets are creating a platform to help Detroit express themselves and to become “more free.” The artists say they realize the difference between creating art and making money. They are educating themselves through networking events and learning how to market their work more creatively so people will purchase the art.

“I am honored that PMAC is showing artists how to become more involved with their art,” said Geno, cofounder of Poor Man’s Art Collective. “I have a passion for art and I am glad that I had the opportunity to host this event for guests and the art professionals.”

For more information about Welcome to the Colored section at the Liberal Arts Gallery, 3361 Gratiot, Detroit, contact Eugene Harris at 313.671.7983 or visit


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