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Prayer walk addresses state injustices under Snyder

At a time when ministers are criticized for not addressing political issues in their pulpits, Evangelist Sarella Johnson, in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is calling on people of all religious faiths to join her in a prayer walk in front of Michigan Gov. Richard Snyder’s southeast Michigan headquarters. The prayer walk is scheduled for June 28 at noon. Evangelist Johnson noted the walk will be sponsored by the organization she founded, Unity in the Community, and will be held at the state office in Detroit, 3022 W. Grand Blvd., between Cass and Second, formerly the General Motors Building.

Participants will go around the building in the same way the Bible recounts Joshua moving around the city of Jerico, according to Johnson. The prayers will address violations of civil rights inflicted by public officials, including Gov. Snyder.

Of particular concern is what her organization charges is the undermining of government of the people by emergency managers appointed the governor to overrule elected city and school board officials.

However, what is also of concern to those in the prayer walk is the hunger and suffering caused by lack of employment opportunities for Detroit residents, while the state eliminates aid for many who are unemployed all over Michigan.

Johnson spares neither Democrats nor Republicans, but she emphasizes her efforts are not directed at persons, but the suffering resulting in these injustices.

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