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Republicans have nothing coming in Detroit

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are being held the last week of August and the first week of September. Have you hear anyone at the Republican National Convention say anything to make you think the party had the best interest of labor, working people and the poor at heart? What do you hope to hear from Democrats at the Democratic National Convention that will assure you they’re continuing their commitment to labor, working people and the poor?

The Republicans said nothing I liked. They talked the same old rhetoric that got us into this mess. The same old warmed over speech. I certainly hope the Democrats will tell us how they’re going to get us out of this mess in the next four years, how to improve the economy. Also, and which I think is very important, how are they going to build bridges with the Republicans?
Jimmy Hearns

Nothing the Republicans said impressed me. Not in a positive way. I heard them say they are going to eliminate jobs. They said they are going to privatize everything. Taxes for the rich will decrease and taxes for the poor will increase. I need to hear the Democrats say they will increase Medicaid benefits by creating more jobs. How they are going to help the poor. How they are going to fix the schools. We need more jobs.
LaCydia Moore

(The Republicans) ain’t saying nothing to change my mind. I want to turn them off every time I hear them. I hope to hear from the Democrats how the Republicans caused this crisis we’re in. How they blocked President Obama. How they blocked us from what we tried to do. I want the Democrats to tell us how they are going to spread the surplus; save the schools; save the children.
June Nickleberry

What I heard further alienated me from the Republicans. They defended voter suppression. Voter fraud is a smoke screen. It’s selective voter suppression. Traditional Democratic voters are targeted. In Ohio … there is no reason to outlaw early voting except Ohio churchgoers can leave church and go vote (after hearing the preacher preach.) No justified reason except they don’t want Blacks and Hispanics to vote. We should check the party platform. They’re creating policy to suppress the democratic vote instead of talking their party platform to the people. They know the people will reject their policies. The Democrats have to tell the people they’re going to take tough stands to recapture the momentum on policy, Medicaid, foreign affairs. The Democrats can win on their policy. A graph will show the economy improved under Democratic leadership.
Richard Mack

How could anyone preaching politics that would send us back 40 years impress, let alone endear me to them? The Republicans’ underlying agenda is classism, not racism. That is not to say it is not racist. It is, but their main political demarcation is haves and have-nots. Push it pass people who look like you and I (Black). They are using racism’s shadow to hide substantive classism. The Democrats have to talk about restoring jobs, recreating the middle-class. If Obama is reelected and we don’t restore the middle class, we won’t elect another Democrat for 12 years.
DeAngelo Malcolm

Nothing impressed me. I didn’t hear anything that would benefit me. Destroying the middle class doesn’t benefit me. I don’t have to be rich. I work and when I get my check I want to be able to pay my bills, provide for my children, fulfill my commitments and maybe save a few dollars every other week or so. Democrats have to talk about the economy; creating opportunity for the underclass. They need to talk mainly about jobs. We are catching hell in Michigan. The last raise I received was under Archer. That was 15 years ago.
Cassandra Johnson

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