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Residents: City Council does not need more protection

DePaul Harris, Tarik Obaytiye, Yusef Shakur

A woman was arrested Sept. 7 after a handgun was found in her purse at a checkpoint in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center. The Detroit City Council holds sessions on the 13th floor of the building. Some Council members say they should have more protection when they attend community events. Do you think City Council members need more protection?

No! Definitely not! There are too many police down there now. You got the police, then you got the police who watch the police, and then the police who watch the police who watch the police. And still things don’t get better. Maybe they are watching the wrong people?
DePaul Harris

For what? They aren’t doing anything. No, that’s not correct. They’re doing what boss wants them to do; talking loud, ain’t say nothing. They should use the resources their offices have to organize the people and stop the land grab. If they were doing that they wouldn’t need to think about protection. The people would provide protection.
Tarik Obaytiye

No. The city doesn’t have the money. However, more importantly it speaks to the disconnect between the city council and the people. We are all concerned with the level of violence. A large number of us are attempting to do something about it. The question is how. Should citizens hire private protection? I think not.
Yusef Shakur

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