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Residents support water strikers

The Detroit Department of Water and Sewerage workers recently went on strike. They had been informed 81 percent of the positions in the Waste Water Treatment Division would be eliminated, without negotiation. They walked off the job. Do you support the strikers?

I support workers who are willing to fight to keep their job. The workers were forced to do something to get their point across. The city is trying to ram concessions down their throats, trying to take away their livelihood. I support the workers.
Henry Chatman

I definitely support the strikers. I support the workers. Striking is the only way workers will be taken serious. Outsourcing and privatizing is eliminating jobs and lowering wages. Workers have to fight back. They have no choice.
Victor Hardrick

I support the workers. What’s happening at the water department is union busting. It is the same thing happening all over. The schools, the auto factories, state workers; unions are being systematically destroyed. It’s time for a general strike — all workers striking at the same time.
James Coleman

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