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Respond to calls instead of computer-generated data

Rev. Charles William, Jr., Cecily McClellan, Chris Griffith


Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee announced several weeks ago the Detroit Police Department (DPD) is considering using predictive policing which employs advanced technological tools and data analysis to take proactive measures to “pre-empt” crime. Should the DPD use predictive policing?

It’s simply another means of profiling. Instead of profiling a person, it’s profiling a neighborhood to give the police an excuse to go in and harass people with computer-generated Gestapo tactics. It’s not right and I don’t agree with it. It’s nothing but the Big Four and STRESS all over again.
– Rev. Charles William, Jr.

What we have to remember about computer-generated analysis is “garbage in, garbage out.” We have to look at who puts in the information. It will be the same people who have a negative view of the city and the people in the city. Godbee should make sure police respond to calls faster instead of hanging out in neighborhoods harassing people.
– Cecily McClellan

Never thought I would wake up and see this happening. I used to read about what was going on in Nazi Germany. It’s happening again but this time to Black people in America. No, it’s happening all over the world. These people have an agenda of domination and the police are a part of it.
– Chris Griffith

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