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Senegal’s new president launches anti-corruption crusade

Macky Sall

Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from GIN

DAKAR — Senegal’s new President Macky Sall is shaking up government with a clean sweep of former officials in the cabinet of ex-President Abdoulaye Wade, who faces charges of corruption.

Ousmane Ngom, a former minister of ex-President Wade was among those detained. His arrest in southern Senegal took place while he campaigned for July 1 legislative polls. After his release the former minister told journalists he had been “kidnapped” to prevent him from campaigning.

Those currently in “preventive custody” since June 25 are Ndongo Diaw, former director of the post and telecommunication regulatory agency, and Moustapha Yacine Guèye of the privately-owned Millennium Transnational Limited.

Both men are accused of swindling millions of dollars through a special tax imposed on telephone calls from abroad into Senegal.

The former president and his inner circle are accused of absconding with nearly all the cars in the government’s garage, as well as art, furniture and other assets belonging to the state. Wade has denied the claims, saying many of the goods were personal property.

Newspaper reports that $800 million was transferred to foreign bank accounts have also been denied by the ex-officials.


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