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Something for everyone at Midtown business

The Peacock Room owner Rachel Lutz showing off one of her best sellers

By Marcus Wright
Special to the Michigan Citizen

DETROIT — Rachel Lutz has lived in Midtown most of her life and still loves living there. That’s one of the reasons why she opened her business there. Lutz opened the doors Dec. 3, 2011 and invited customers to step into The Peacock Room. Located at 15 E. Kirby, Suite 110, The Peacock Room is a retail women’s clothing store that sells men’s accessories as well as furniture.

Lutz’s previous employment as a personal shopper at Nordstrom prepared and inspired her to open The Peacock Room. “It’s a great feeling when customers walk out of the store satisfied,” Lutz said. “Fashion magazines can’t tell you how to put things together to express your personality — not on an intimate level the way a personal service and attention can.”

Lutz said she is able to do that in The Peacock Room. She said she makes sure customers are offered what they need to express themselves. “I travel far and wide to assure that happens,” Lutz said. “Sometime I think The Peacock Room may be the only store in Michigan that has that line.”

There was a rush of people from the start, Lutz said. The neighborhood has been really supportive, she said.

“My customers are loyal. They know what I have and that it is different. They tell other people about me.

“You know, Detroit is a retail dessert,” Lutz said. “If someone is interested in opening a retail clothing store, I encourage them to do so.”

Lutz said most of her customers are women, but it is her male customers that are most loyal. She said a large number of her women customers buy items for their men.

Lutz said presently she isn’t thinking about expanding. She said she is focusing on the coming holidays. “I’ve been told this is the slow season but if it is, I don’t know what my busy season will bring.”

The Peacock Room is located in what once was part of the Wardell Hotel’s Crystal dining room. “I like being tucked away, a bit of a secret. It adds to the exclusivity of the place and merchandise,” Lutz said. “I have a Facebook page but there are few pictures of my merchandise on it.”

The Peacock Room has something for everyone. Anybody can find something they like, Lutz said. Guys are done with being casual, she says. They’re dressing up. “Therefore I’m less about trend and more about classics,” Lutz said.

People in Detroit are fashion forward, according to Lutz. “Detroiters tend to be creative, fashion-minded people,” she said. “They draw their inspiration not from fashion magazines, but from their music, the auto industry and their culture. The make their own fashion statement about themselves.”

Contact the Peacock Room at 313.559.5500.

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Photo Courtesy of Marcus Wright


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