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Suffer the children

Starving for knowledge, the Black youth feed;

Waiting for the day that the Black youth lead.
The enemy don’t want it, they fear the new reigns;
Give them all drinks, with a car and two chains.

Gamble with their futures, all bets in;
Foolin’ on the TV, and reality sets in.
Ignorant entertainment, it’s like a code red;
Kick them in the behind and the brain goes dead.

No educational programs, the TV lack those;
BET and Centric showing old black shows.
Torn up values, no one to fix these;
All the hero’s that we see are from the sixties.

Forego the education, master of all rhymes;
Everybody wants to be the greatest of all times.
Publicity hound leaders, huff and still puffin’;
Bangers run the hood but they don’t build nothin’!

Destructive generation, like watching shark battles;
Children being led by their own dark shadows.
Ignorance is a virus that consumes to the last,
Can’t lift the future if it falls to the past.


By the poet, silent rage 172430
Muskegon, Mich.

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