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The Black Press endorses President Obama

By Cloves C. Campbell, Jr.

A few years ago, NNPA was holding its annual board meetings in March in Washington, D.C., when then Sen. Barack Obama walked in the room to welcome the publishers to Washington. He indicated he wanted to share some news with us. The news was that he was planning on seeking the office of the president of the United States of America.

There were some young and many older publishers in the meeting. He said if any of us would like to talk with him in the lobby, he would be happy to share his thoughts. I remember many of the publishers being very excited. Francis Page and I were especially interested in talking with Sen. Obama. (During our Black Press Week events that week, then NNPA Foundation President Brian Townsend was honoring the senator as well.) As we listened, we too saw what many people already knew and millions more would eventually learn about this very charismatic man. There was something special about him. Something that would change the history of Black folks in politics forever. It was then that I and the other members of NNPA voiced our support first for the 44th president of the United States of America. The Black Press was there first.

Fast forward to August 2012. When I asked the question about the president’s campaign spending. It was then when several members of the campaign questioned my article. As I stated then and I will state again, the NNPA and the Black Press of America has always supported President Obama. We have encouraged Black folks to get registered to vote. We have encouraged Blacks to go to the polls and exercise their right to vote. We have published hundreds of articles about President Obama, his administration and his programs. We have also, on numerous occasions, championed his issues on our front pages.

There is no doubt that when other media outlets brought unnecessary criticism on the president, it was the Black Press that was there to support him.

As we prepare to go to the polls in November, I am here to say that the National News Paper Publishers Association endorses President Barack Obama, once again. It is our belief that the United States of America can be best served with President Obama being re-elected. We at the NNPA look forward to working with the president’s administration in the formulation of strategies for the next four years.

It is our hope that those plans include more opportunities for Blacks to procure business with the federal government, greater employment opportunities for Blacks in America and enhanced opportunities for all students seeking higher education.

We encourage our readers to register to vote, go out and vote and be sure to take the proper identification with them to the polls on election day. Vote to re-elect President Barack Obama Nov. 6.


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