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The marriage of logic and feeling

By Tené Dismuke

Everyone has goals they want to accomplish in life. But too often, we struggle with making them happen. We fail to recognize that we were given special gifts as we made our introduction onto this plane to carry out everything we need to be happy, healthy and successful.

All of what we need, we have within. The only thing we need to do is allow it to flow through us. Have you ever heard the saying that we stand in the way of our own happiness? For many, this is true.

There is a lot of information flowing around now about how to manifest your dreams and goals, and none of it is new. Our ancestors documented the ancient and sacred ways of creation. Our job is to learn from the past and keep it moving.

Before we get into the process of creation, we first need to be aware of how we function and activate the latent powers inside of us. The marriage of feeling and logic is the key. Throughout creation we see this underlining principle of duality everywhere; male/female, hot/cold, up/down, in/out, etc. Our first task is to understand the laws and principles of the universe. Everything that you see came from a thought or idea. If the thought was not there the object could not exist. So we can see that our thoughts are very powerful. However, there needs to be feeling and emotion put behind those thoughts that bring them into physical reality. So we have to have a thought (logic) then we need to have a feeling (energy) to push that thought through. This is the marriage that makes things happen.

Now that we have a little background information on how to make it happen, we can move toward the action steps that need to be taken for materialization?

But let’s first look at how the mind works. The mind is very powerful and it can be looked at like a garden. Our thoughts can be viewed as seeds planted in this vast garden.

Ask yourself, what are you growing with your thoughts: beautiful plants and flowers or deadly weeds?

Examine your life up to this point and reflect on the thoughts you have all the time and how they are showing up.

Next relax your body and mind. This is a crucial step in the creation process because a relaxed body and mind is at ease. Your blessings and gifts flow through you and are not stuck and stagnate. So deep breathing is very important not just for this topic, but for your overall health and well-being.

As you breathe, feel the air enter and exit through your nostrils. The air should feel cool as you inhale and warm as you exhale. Quiet your mind and focus only on your breathing. Listen to your breath as you feel yourself taking in the energy of life with each breathe.

Continue to practice this simple exercise everyday for five minutes and increase the time as you feel the benefits.

Practice this for the next week and we will continue in next week’s article. If you need assistance, the House of Bastet holds free weekly yoga classes where we focus on relaxation and breathing. Until next week, breathe deep!

Tené Dismuke is a performing artist sharing her knowledge in the energy of movement. She is a certified yoga, fitness and dance instructor, holistic life coach, relaxation therapist, accomplished model, dancer and founder of The House of Bastet LLC. For more information, call 313.962.2346or 313.424.8788 or visit

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